Freshtrop Fruits Ltd

Yes, looks like margins have recovered strongly in Q4 and it seems co will have a good Q1 which their main quarter. Promoters have also increased their stake through company buybacks all the way during the downcycle.


thanks for the clarity

Good Margine Gained!

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100% delivery volume over a month in this stock, can someone please explain what maybe the possibilities going on here, displaying such strange statistics. Is it accumulation by operators, good or bad scenario

The stock is in ESM-2. No intraday allowed. No margin allowed. You can buy only for delivery. Therefore, delivery will always be 100%.

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Thanks a lot for providing details and clarity :pray:

Very Interesting developement for this company…

  1. To consider sale of “FRESH FRUIT BUSINESS” on slump sale basis on 16th October…

  2. To consider any other business…

Does Company want to focus on their food processing business??
( Last FY growth in food processing segment is 70% ).

Lets see how things pan out on 16th.

Disc: Invested from lower levels.

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Freshtrop Fruits

Sells fresh fruit business for 77 Cr + additional deferred consideration for 2 years

It will be used in investment of food processing business & return surplus funds to shareholders

Reason for sell: No growth, high investment & long gestation period, restrictions in farming.

Sell valuation is not very encouraging in my view.
About 100 Cr. ( including deferred revenue ).

However, they sold it out of frustration of poor performance & restrictions and want to improve & focus on food processing business. - In my view, its a Good initiative for a long term growth plan.

Disc: Invested

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