Formula for fundamentally sound stocks

I have built a formula to pull all fundamentally good stocks.

Below screen would only list out only those stocks with discounted value. I do pick them analysing last 5-10 years results, reading rating reports, and articals like ValuePicr Forum.

I have been benefiting from it last 4 years. Please review the formula and make use of it if they make sense to you.

I welcome any feedback to improve the formula.


Sir…Any reason for selecting Debt/Equity >3?


Excellent.Very helpful. We can easily change the parameters in the query. Is there a way to segregate the result industry wise, other than converting to excel and doing it manually?

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@Chandan_Sarkar1, This would ensure to include banking/finance stocks.
(Debt to equity > 3 OR Contingent liabilities = 0 OR (Market Capitalization / Price to book value)

Anyway it ensures that company’s ability to pay interest.
((Current ratio > 1.5 AND Quick ratio > 1) OR Debt to equity < 0.5) AND

Hope it clarifies your doubt.

@SAGHOS01, you can select industry wise only if you are a premium member of

I have made a change to include only those stocks fundamentally making minimum about 15% profit. My goal is to empower retail investors including myself.

Buy philosophy:

  • Pick fundamentally strong and discounted stocks in terms of number from my-investment.
  • Look for financial consistency for last 5-10 years.
  • We need to do homework by going trough rating/research/broker reports, articles and forum like ValuePickr of course.
  • I also do google if company was encountered with any scam/fraud for corporate governance.
  • More to be explored in terms of industry wise valuation for buy.

Sell philosophy:

  • If company is going away from fundamental, track it for 1/2 quarters and sell it if there is no further improvement or no future prospects.
  • Sell it if company is overvalued compare to peers especially when PE ratio is more than 15 and book value is more than 3.
  • Sell it when there is an issue with company’s corporate governance in terms of scam or fraud.
  • Switch partially/fully when there is excellent stock found.
  • More to be explored in terms of industry wise valuation for sell.

Hope we can achieve it by continuous learning and keeping the formula/query upto date.


Investment opportunities:

  • Banking sector
  • Housing finance sector
  • Chemical sector
  • Paper sector

P.S: I already benefited from steel stocks, sugar stocks, packaging stocks. Now still holding steel stocks.

I am a premium member. But still failed to navigate :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear: Appreciate if you can guide me. Thanks.

@SAGHOS01, You can see Industry button somewhere on top right. You can click on it to see different industries.

If it is still working, you can contact support.