Forbes Asia Best Under Billion 2015 List


While in past, there has been many issues with the company which appeared in this list, still it could be good starting point for screening. In 2015, issues, there are 11 companies which are from India. Find enclosed the name of same:

  1. Avanti Feedstock
  2. Borosil Glass
  3. Byke Hospitality
  4. Caplin Point
  5. Centum Electronic
  6. Kaveri Seeds
  7. Kitex Garments
  8. NGL Fine Chemicals
  9. Orbit Exports
  10. Premco Global
  11. Vakrangee

It is interesting to note that many are active discucssion in valuepickr threads. :v:


Here is link from website

I don’t know whether it’s 'coz of your post :smile: or the Forbes list, but NGL Finechem has been hitting UCs daily.

Thanks for compliment. “Dil ko bahlane ko yeh khayal achha hey” :blush:

I do not have any holding in the company, but would not mind taking credit for same !!!

High level numbers for 11 companies in the forbes list. Which is worth looking purely based on high level numbers.

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Super 50 Companies 2015 list

Buyers be aware. The recent spurt in prices of some companies just because covered under Fortune best under billion may not be guarantee for return. Just providing a link about failure from the past such compilation.


I think one should take all these best companies/fastest growth etc list with a pinch of salt. most of these reports take only sales/profit growth into consideration. no other parameters and also the quality of business is not considered.

Good job Dheeraj, eye opener.

All the failures mostly happened in technology space… anything we can infer from this? Usually under billion technology companies are risky investments…