Follow western countries

Follow western, I feel western countries give the picture of tomorrow, what was successful there few years ago became the present of India.

  1. Drinks
  2. Pizza
  3. Malls
  4. Internet
  5. E-commerce and list goes on.
    So if we look at present condition of Europe, I feel what’s getting popular or new trend there is, they getting all their energy requirements fulfilled from renewable energy source. Like Germany paying people for using electricity. So renewable energy is my choice. Please suggest more if you agree.

Well, to me this seems to be a very subjective theme - cultural differences, demographic, economical differences all indicate that this could be a very poor choice of indicators for a future theme.

Coming to Renewable energy, yes that is something which is not only Europe specific but takes global stand given the current circumstances of pollution norms, energy efficiency etc.

I would rather study Indian consumer behaviour more closely - specifically urban to rural passing on of tastes and habits.

Again , this is just my opinion.

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Ofcourse me not saying blindly follow western, my point is they can give idea of future.

Yes studying indian consumer also important, me asking for combo of it, means Europe may give idea of future, and India will tell where we now.

My experience is that, if I only look at India, then I will be too late to realise the true potential for ex. When Amazon came to India I never imagined it will be this big company, I was unaware what its doing in USA that time, but the one who knew what they doing USA then easy to evaluate. I guess that’s what happening with ola, Uber or other site. I am just a new guy here, just expressing my feeling may seems childish. Sorry.

The main concern is these trending companies remain unlisted until they become profitable . And they list at high premium leaving very little in the hands of retail investors.

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