Flowing Revolution - Internet

In India around 70 cr people uses internet. In every 3-4 seconds a new Indian user joins the internet. Due to this internet users there is 3 billion monthly UPI transaction worth Rs 6 trillion. This internet users are going to increase from 70 crores in 2021 to around 90 crores in 2024. Brand awareness and all is possible only because of internet users. This internet users will help in creating the real consumption story of India. All this internet users are using and will further also use social media like instagram, youtube, facebook n so on. So in coming months we can see big brands will be giving ads of their brands and products on such social media since its cost is low as compared to giving ads on tv and printed media. Plus social media is an easy mode to promote brands and products in rural and remote rural areas. Due to power of social media rural people got aware about brands and they have completely changed their purchasing behavior. (Shift from unorganized to organized). Plus since rural people are slowing getting aware of brands, companies started giving online link in social media ads about their brands and products so that people can easily purchase new products just on single click. Like this way companies are selling products without giving costly ads in tv and without opening big stores which requires huge capital. And the percentage of capital which was earlier used in opening stores is now being used by companies in creating new brands and product innovations. So in coming years we can see a complete change in consumer behavior which will change the whole business environment. Mobile and internet users will completely change the Whole consumption story of India in coming years. This will create a huge opportunity for Indian markets. !