Flagging/Deletion of non-value additive posts

With the proliferation of new users and consequent rise in flags (sometimes is subjective), here’s a small list to start with on what is actively discouraged at VP. This should aid both those who post and those flagging to keep VP a clean value-additive place for everyone.

So the keyword is non value-additive.

  1. One or 2 liner or 1 para opinion posts/thank you posts/great job posts (once can always express through “Likes” or even message directly)
  2. One or 2 liner or 1 para enquiry posts on topics that a simple google search will immediately point to
  3. Targets/Price-Action posts - Why is it falling/Why is it going up/Opinions/Questions, and/or asking for reccos/entry price
    (as different from industry/business-impacting data-points)
  4. Name-calling and uncivil posts
  5. Off-topic posts (including one off experiences with a product/service, detailed scuttlebutts at multiple stakeholders, though is encouraged)
  6. Spam/Self-Promotional posts pointing to ones own blogs/twits/websites (everyone is encouraged though to share preferred details in their profile sections)
  7. Newbie question posts (where someone has NOT bothered to read through earlier posts), asking same old questions that have been dealt with before, and the like
  8. Excessive/Repetitive posts offering the same reasoning/arguments without taking the discussion forward
  9. Direct uploads of non-public (not for free downloads) and/or proprietary (private) content
  10. Copy/Paste of proprietary content (behind paywalls)
    (small excerpts pointing to the main article may be okay, or if prior permission is obtained from author(s) for posting at VP)

This may seem like obvious Don’ts but not everyone is on the same page, especially newbies. Several folks have reached out to make this as transparent an exercise as possible, so here’s a first-cut from our first-hand experience over the last decade.

Moderation of a content-heavy forum like VP, is a huge task. And we cant thank enough the Moderators for doing what is essentially a thankless job. Moderators are human too, and errors can be made. We have acknowledged mistakes before. We iterate and learn along the way.

Thank you members for being alert and vigilant. Suggestions are welcome.
We will look to improve on this list again with your feedback and our active experience.

PS: Value-Additive posts are a no-brainer. We know it when we see it.
Something that takes the discussion forward. Data-points that connect the dots. Data-points that provide contrary facts to prevailing view/opinions, examples of our own workings, decision-making models, and the like. Something/anything that makes us better-informed on topic!


I had to stop writing on otherwise wonderful forum for only this reason.

Thanks that admins are thinking to address this

I will recommend limited access to those who don’t contribute any thing and only visit this forum to flag posts here

Thanks admins for doing thankless job

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Agree to that part. I mean we are a discussion forum where we give and take knowledge. I someone doesnt know something then its prudent he/she may seek the clarification here, but few think here that every post should be a PhD thesis!