Fintech companies

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I have been hearing lot many interesting facts about fintech industry and its potential to grow in years to come.

Fintech or financial technology companies use technology to provide financial services such as payments, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding, among others.

According to NITI Aayog, India is one of the fastest growing fintech markets globally, and industry research has projected that $1 trillion, or 60% of retail and SME (small and medium sized enterprises) credit, will be digitally disbursed by 2029.

Paytm is one company that is growing at faster rate but unfortunately it is not listed.

What are the other listed companies in this space ?

Views invited.


IRIS business services …Tiny company listed on SME exchange seems to be doing interesting work.
Key would be how well they manage to scale up their business from here on .
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According to my research, “intellect Design” will be the leader in fintech industry in the long run. The Head “Arun Jain” is ambitious and expanding in European and American countries and have invested a lot in technology. Just do your research
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Disc. I’m holding this company in my portfolio