Finding initial red flags - Corporate governance and management issues in Indian companies

I did not find any thread regarding this , so I have created this one. Purpose of creating this thread is to find out and avoid the companies which may have corporate governance issue and bad management. I know that we cant not be 100% sure but at least looking for red flags can help us in reducing our losses.

I started my investment in stock market from 2012 as a beginner with no knowledge of stock market ( with hopes of becoming another warren buffet)…lol…:laughing: after reading few books on warren buffet.
I started learning and in last 7 years I have observed that most of the money which I lost in market were the companies having some kind of corporate governance issues or management was not trustworthy. Luckily , due to diversification I did not went bankrupt :stuck_out_tongue: , but still loss is a loss. I lost my capital in below companies ( this is what I remember , could be few more).

  1. Eros
  2. Tree house
  3. PC Jwellars
  4. Yes Bank
  5. Kingfisher
  6. Atlanta
  7. DHFL
  8. 8 K miles
  9. Meghmani organics
  10. Suder garments
  11. Vakrangee
  12. Talwalkars
  13. Manpasand Beverages

I would like people to share there views on how can we avoid such blunders or reduce our exposure before its too late. Most of the time , stock crashes suddenly after some news comes out and we get stuck in the stock.

Kindly share your views on below points , so that we can try to minimize our losses in future.

  1. What are the qualities of a good management ?
    (till last year , I use to think that yes bank is bank with v good management , until issues came out in public)

  2. How can we trust and verify the financial no.s. ?
    ( Some of the companies in which I have invested were seems to have strong balance sheet that time , but suddenly some news came and stocks got hammered and never recovered e.g. PC Jwellars , 8 K miles etc.)

  3. Can the auditors be trusted ? If not , what is the option for a small retail investors. For many stock
    auditors resigned suddenly and stock was hammered and never recovered.

  4. Assuming we invested for long term , is it wise to stay invested having a huge notional loss , assuming that management will change and things will improve in long term (example , YES Bank) , I don’t know what Long term means here , ( 5 years , 10 years or more than 10 years). How long should we wait for things to revive or we should book losses and look for some other stocks.

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