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IOLCP Recent Expansions.

  1. Investment in property, plant and equipment increased during
    the year mainly due to installation of new manufacturing
    facilities for production of Pantoprazole, capital work in
    progress for installation of new manufacturing facilities of
    Metformin and purchase of additional land.

  2. During the year, the Company has successfully set up Unit VI to
    manufacture “Pantoprazole” and has started its trial production. The
    installed capacity of the “Unit VI” is 240 MT per annum with a capex
    of ` 33.83 Crore, which is met through internal accruals only.

  3. Successful setting up a new Unit VII for manufacturing of ‘Metformin’ with the additional capacity of 7,200 MT per annum with capex of~ 28 Crore which is funded fully through internal accruals. Presently, the Company is operating existing unit for Metformin, having installed capacity of 4,000 MT per annum, which is fully utilized. With this additional capacity, now the total installed capacity of Metformin is 11,200 MT per annum.

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List of companies which have increased their PP&E (Gross block) in the last 3 years. Please be mindful that this list doesn’t adjust for new IndAS 116 which requires re-classification of certain operating leases as fixed assets.


Hello fellow VPer’s

Is any one tracking the companies that have started investing in capex under the PLI schemes ?

Any information or link will be super useful