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Hey Value Pickrs,
Like most investors, I started my investing journey by reading many books on investing i.e. Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham etc. …… However, when I opened my demat account and decided to invest some money I faced one big problem “How do I pick a stock?”. As a non-investor with little idea about stock markets, I found the existing sites a bit overwhelming. During this time, I was searching for a website which could introduce me to stocks without all the financial jargons. But I couldn’t find one. However, I had an idea. “if there was any way I could introduce stocks to people by making them relatable, maybe more people would want to go out and research more on their own".

We did a quick market study and found the same problems i.e. complexity, aggregation and so we quickly built a website and had a working prototype. We decided to uncover the evolution of a company, growth and future prospects with some financials in a simplified form- we called it “Stock Stories’. Stock stories is a novel attempt at simplifying stocks using stories one can relate to.

We believe that “Stock Stories” can be a good place for both experienced and amateur investors to begin their research on various companies.
We base our stories only on publicly available information like annual reports, investor calls, investor updates, media releases etc. We don’t tell you what to buy, what to sell, what to hold. However, we hope that our stories will be a good starting point for you to decide for yourself.

Currently, our platform covers the following companies:

  1. Jet Airways
  2. Eicher Motors
  3. Page Industries (Jockey)
  4. PVR Cinemas
  5. United Breweries (Kingfisher)
  6. Marico (Parachute, Saffola etc)

We cover one company per week.

Please Note:
The only criteria we use to pick stocks are the companies that have products/services with which most people interact on a day-to-day basis. The product is still in the beta phase and hopefully, feedback from an experienced community like valuepickr will help us refine our products further.


This is amazing! Kudos on a job well done.

I’ve always maintained that a stock is nothing but a story and the numbers that keep that story grounded in reality.

In fact, understanding the “story” about a company is one of the primary reasons I joined VP and even WhatsApp groups on investments. It looks like Finception kicks it up a notch.

I’ve subscribed already. I’m looking forward to reading some good stories in the coming years. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @dineshssairam :grinning:
I’m glad you liked our stories. Looking forward to your valuable feedback on our upcoming stories.

Great website, read a couple of stories, loved the way the stories are narrated.

Subscribed via e-mail and WhatsApp. More than one story a week would be great :slight_smile:

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Thank you ashok. We are a small team working with limited financial resources. We hope to publish stories more frequently going forward.

Great initiative. Reminds me of Ashwath Damodarans "Narrative and Numbers " Book.
I read the PVR story and it is pretty neat and well explained. It is once again one of the best explanations out there. Just a minor suggestion, although narratives are very exhausting any additional depth on numbers would be great help. Like explaining the significant depreciation values, especially when they are just leasing the halls etc

Secondly Interesting to see what would be your business model? Like Ken would you charging in future or just an initiative for education of common folks?

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Hi @vistag,
I’m glad you like our stories. Thanks a lot for your feedback. We do plan to include more numbers and in depth analysis. This should reflect in our next story.

We are yet to figure out a business model. For now,our focus is on creating a platform which will help more people to participate in retail markets.


Good for beginners. Subscribed on Whatsapp.
Just a question, What is your criteria to select the stock and how are you deciding the preference of the the stock over another before creating the story?

So far our picks have been the companies whose products we use or come across every day and products which are famous. Like parachute oil, pvr cinemas, royal Enfield bikes etc. We don’t have a strict ranking priority among different stocks. But when possible we try to pick companies from different industries/sectors so that we can learn different nuances of them.

Kudos guys. Unique way to make people understand about how different industries work.

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Really good way to connect product and companies behind them. Kudos. Can we suggest some Companies ourselves?

Thank you alamantri. We are already working on few companies in our pipeline. But sure, please suggest any companies you come across. We will do over best to cover them.

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Any company from pharma sector?

Pawan Bhanu & Shrehith
you guys just steal the show Man… That’s really good neat and w/o bul***** content.
Kudoos for your website loved the way you wrote the stories…

Thank you for you kind words. We hope you will enjoy our future content as well.

I read the story on TITAN.GOOD.Have been a shareholder since a decade. What need to be added is MARKET SHARE and that of competitors over a period of time-even their BALANCE SHEETS do not reveal.Guidance sought in this regard

You can post your analysis on this forum in the respective threads or you may create a new one if it is not existing. Posting of your blog looks promotional & is unwanted. This thread is closed.

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