Financial statement formats

Hi Gurus

The money control or some sites provides the financial information in their own reported format which won’t be matched with the AR format . I think Income statement is pretty much same in these sites in comparison with AR , however , the Balance & Cash statements doesn’t have detailed levelcomponentslike the Annual report .

Could u please advise some sites which provide the statements similar to AR?

We may be exciting to see the results when they are announced (Bad idea,need to fix) ,but I don’t see BSE,NSE or Money control reporting these over the weekend (Including Friday after hrs ) on time . Do we have any providers who maintain these with minimum lag?



Hi Sridhar,

Do you mean you want results notification as soon as they are announced?

Try this:

Thank you so much , This works for result tracking .

Could you guyz also please advise on some site who provide the financial data similar to Annual part.

Ex: MC or Rediff or Economic times has similar pattern to report financial data.

However the Annual reports has breakdown components (Part of new rule late 2012). Unless I really know some of the components in reserves or Even on the Asset side , I can’t actually rely on MC figures to calculate net-worth etc… . Manually entering 10 yrs worth data from AR into Excel is tedious .

Any advise on this would be really great.