Filtra Consultants And Engineers Ltd

Filtra Consultants And Engineers Ltd does trading and manufacturing
of Water Treatment product. Its a micro cap company with Market cap around 30 crs.

They have partneship with Pentair ( NYSE:PNR - Google Search) and Kurita (Kurita Group profile - YouTube)

They generate 95% revenue from trading goods and 5% from Manufactured goods .

On screener Filtra Consultants & Engineers Ltd financial results and price chart - Screener we can see their sales and revenue increase yoy.
and they operate around 5% profit margin.

With increase in water contamination the need of water treatement products becomes very importent.

Company trading at 0.4 times market cap / sales . its debt free.

From annual report we can see Management have 20+ years of experiance. Page 40 (AnnualReport)
and few key people hired from Ion Exchange .

Global / Indian Water treatment industry: Page 35 (AnnualReport)

Annual report

few video on comapny on Youtube

Seniours please share your knowlage in Water treatment and its opportunity.
Please share more info and your thoughts if any one tracking Filtra

Filtra Consultants & Engineers Ltd is a micro cap company with market cap ~32 cr (May 1 2023).

Company is mainly involved in trading water treatment products.


Company applied for registration of Logo / Trademark in 2014.

Ketan Kanth (mangaing director) and his wife Anjali Ketan Kanth togetter own 72% of stake in company .

details of top employees of the Company

Strength :

  • Management has 20+ years of experiance in this industry.
  • Company is 0 debt
  • Its a one stop destination for all water treatment solutions from products to service .
  • They provide tecnical feedback to suppliers which helps them in providing customised services to clients.

Weaknesses :

  • Comany operates in huge compitative fiels.Loosing client base and suppliers is a weekness as they dont have any long term agreement with any.
  • Company does not manufature its own products its 95% revenue comes from trading goods
  • Comany is a micro cap and low liquid stock . Any large company can affect their margins .

Opportunities :

  • only 60% industrial and 26% domestic water is treated in india .Goverment’s strict policy can improve Opportunities.
  • with reducing clean surface water need for water treatement becomes importent


  • As company operates in highly compitative bussiness. loosing market share and OPM to unorganised and big players .
  • Products sold by comany are not manufactured by them. Loosing brand value can affect sales.

Overall Comany is small operating in highly compitative bussiness and its improving its sales expanding in diffrent locations.

Disc: Invested
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12th AGM oct (old video)

seeing some movement after 1 year consolidation .

Any suggetion or critics on company


Just my thoughts. Do they Design and Develop any product on their own in the 5% you mentioned as the product they manufacture. I have gone through the website. They have listed all the products from other companies which they trade. Can you please let me know the product they developed? Do we see any technological moat for their own products? (I believe in technological superiority of any company selling any products). As you have mentioned this is a well establised and go-to company for all water treatment related products. Apart from this, what are the entry barriers for others in the services this company is providing?

Sorry for too many questions. It would be nice to know.

If Water Treatment is the theme based on which we need to invest in this, why not we go for EMS Limited in this space which is an EPC company?

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there main revenue is trading and service . they do manufature few filters but very low contribution as per AGM . And there clients are many B2B.

its microcap 40cr market cap . prity risky bet . but they are in markets more than a decade.

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as its a small cap . i sold 50% of my holding , recovered 80% of initial investment .
will keep rest for long term .

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Good Decision. Just for understanding, when selling Filtra, are we allowed to sell in any number of stocks as we wish, or is it restricted to selling only in lot sizes?

we can sell only in lots

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