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The company bought back 15,33,432 shares during the quarter and 13,38,538 shares from 1st april 13 to the date of meeting.

FDC needs to be more aggressive on buyback or dividend front. Else it needs to use the cash to buy companies or augment its own growth to really get noticed.

Just sitting on cash pile doing nothing is not going to help improve valuations for the company.

S.S. Ugrankar is selling his stake for the past five sessions in October. Anything fishy?

FDC monthly chart shows a flag pattern breakout…

attached chart shows the pattern… Since pattern is on monthly charts, timeline for targets to be achieved will be longer. If at all the pattern plays out…:slight_smile:

Looks like a low risk, high return kind of situation. Valuationwise it remains a very cheap pharma stock at around 10 PE with lot of cash on balance sheet.

Most probable trigger would be stake sale by promoters…

icicidirect has come up with similar technical recommendation made by hitesh :slight_smile: http://content.icicidirect.com/mailimages/IDirect_FDC_TechnicalCall.pdf

Again as mentioned by Hitesh bhai, FDC did play out flag pattern.:slight_smile:

Hitesh’s post mentions a target price of 175. There is still some steam left I guess. Morever, the company is also fundamentally good. So it might be worth holding on to it.

FDC candlestick pattern for today is bearish… Plus it has given a daily bar reversal pattern. In shorter term stock is likely to correct.

For those wanting to buy for longer term targets, one can wait for some time and see how stock behaves in next few trading sessions and then take a call.


Hi Hitesh Bhai,

Agreed it formed bearish engulfing pattern.

But if you look at intraday chart major volume was for trade which rose from138 to 143 early morning. After that when stock went down from 143 to 131 the volume was very less. In this case does it still qualifies for bearish engulfing pattern?

Also a bearish engulfing pattern plays true only if we see red candle next day after bearish engulfing pattern that too with high volume.

Please correct me if my analysis is incorrect.




I dont go too much into details of intraday volumes etc… broadly at the end of day picture is not very encouraging for the next few trading sessions…But since it is in strong bull market, it might defy these patterns and might race ahead.

My aim was to temper extreme bullish sentiments and for those wanting to buy, better allow the stock to lose some of the froth and then contemplate buying


FDC have formed a very good chart pattern.

Hi Hitesh and other fellow valupickers,

I have a basic accounting questions.

On the very first post of this thread Cash and equivalents is mentioned as 320Cr.

On this page http://www.moneycontrol.com/financials/fdc/balance-sheet/FDC#FDC cash and bank balance is mentioned as 13Cr and current assets as 155.14Cr.

Can someone please explain how the figure 320Cr was derived.

FDC has posted very good set of Q1 nos…


@sunil surana,

For getting data the most accurate instrument is the annual report and company’s results posted either on bse or nse.

U can calculate based on cash and equivalents and current investments to get at the rough estimate. e.g. In fy 15 results statement of accounts, u get non current investments as 217 crores plus current investments of 272 crores and cash and equivalents at 15 crores in consolidated figures. This provides a total of around 500 crores net cash etc.

What is worth noting is that the fixed assets have gone up from 302 crores in fy 14 to 420 crores in fy 15. this might be due to land purchased worth 112 crores as announced earlier by the company.

And first quarter results for the company have been unexpectedly good. Sales have gone up from 217 cr in q1 fy 15 to 257 cr in q1 fy 16 a growth of nearly 18% whereas operating profits have gone up from 32 to 51 crores which shows a growth of 59% and net profit has grown from 34.3 cr to 43.7 cr which is a growth of 27%.

One will need to watch a couple of quarters more to see if growth momentum is sustained and the ugly duckling is afterall maturing into a beautiful swan.

The stock has meanwhile posted its all time high of 200 breaching its previous high of 183 posted in April 2015. Stocks making new all time highs and sustaining nearabout those levels do bear close watching.

fundamentally if company can post fy 16 eps of 10-11, and fdc being a cash rich company, it could be a company worth watching at a forward PE of below 20.



After I knew that FDC is the company producing Electral ORS, I was eager to invest and started searching for more details in web and in Value Pick, stumbled upon this thread
After going through the thread and contribution by members, felt this would be the right forum to clarify and may be helpful for others following FDC :-))
I was going through the FY16-17 FDC annual report.
Shareholding pattern between current year and last year shows that 15% is transferred to a promoter trust in year fy16-17. (Page 27)
What does it imply? What triggers a promoter to transfer to a trust?


The Exchange has sought clarification from FDC Ltd on March 08, 2018, with reference to increase in Volume.

a red flag?

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Look at self sustainable growth rate (SSGR) … amazing.
what is SSGR?

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Not much activity on the thread for long time. Recent results seems good and tailwinds reappearing for pharma sector FDC valns sees reasonable.

Promoter quality seems good but not sure on hunger for growth.How good is the new gen promoters? Seems one of them did his MBA from INSEAD which is a good sign.

Seems FDC also make HCQ.

Any update from anyone tracking the commpany & sector?

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The company has shown 20% growth for the first time in many years however I am not able to find out any new products which are launched by them. Has anyone have any idea about what changed this year for the company?

Disc- Have a tracking position purely based on attractive valuations and strong B/S