Fair Valuation price range

Can we have a fair value prie range for filtered stocks based on various parameters like DCF, Graham’s number, hostoric P/E etc.? This will give great insight regarding the stocks if it makes sense to buy them or not even if it is a fantastic stock.

Dear Naveen,

Yes, these will progressively be made available. Some of it is already available, for e,g. comparison against Historical Valuations and Industry Median valuations is available right now for over 3000+ stocks.

Not only the filtered results, but for any company that you are interested in, you can use a ValuePickr Snapshot of the company to compare against historical valuations and against its industry peers. Yes! Check out Bharti Airtel

, how it fares on the Valuation front right now, for e.g.

Caution: while this is nice to consider, its only one among several valuation parameters that should be looked at. Fair price valuation is a complex art - like you said Margin of Safety is important. Where cash flows are stable and predictable, DCF can be very useful. More suggested Stock Valuation reading here.



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