Experts Please review My Portfolio

I have started building my portfolio year ago and currently holding 9 stocks. All stocks are intended for Long term. Please check and share your feedback’s. Thanks in advance.

Below is my portfolio allocation and Average price.

Schaeffler India Ltd |13.57%|5330
VST Tillers Tractors |13.57%|1588
Ujjivan Financial |13.57%|355
RBL Bank |10.86%|505
Future Supply Chain |10.86%|656
Cochin Shipyard |10.86%|419
CDSL |10.86%|261
BSE |10.86%|772
BLS Internatl.Serv |4.98%|136

As per the guidelines you need to share at least one liner investment thesis for each of your pick.

Hi Sainkar,

Please find my portfolio with investment thesis. Kindly check and give your valuable feedback.

Schaeffler India Ltd |13.57%|5330
Stable Bearing company with good Management for Portfolio Stability and steady growth.

VST Tillers Tractors |13.57%|1588
Fundamentally Strong company beaten strongly due to muted sales. Hoping for growth to review
soon during election year.

Ujjivan Financial |13.57%|355
Betting on small finance bank with very good management. Hoping to see high growth in Long term

RBL Bank |10.86%|505
Betting on fastest growing private bank. Hoping to see High growth in Long term

Future Supply Chain |10.86%|656
Post GST, FSC will largely benefit due to regulated supply chain with high growth potential in India

Cochin Shipyard |10.86%|419
Conservative bet on Wide Moat PSU with virtually no competitor.

CDSL |10.86%|261
Betting on only Listed depository service and gradually gaining market share from NSDL. Looking for steady growth in Long term

BSE |10.86%|772
Blindly invested since it is BSE. Not sure the growth will be there or not. But the company will stay long term and give down side support during market crash.

BLS Internatl.Serv |4.98%|136
Betting on unique asset light visa processing business.

Guys, Please help to review my portfolio…

Hi Dinuarcher

Portfolio seems to be over conservative. You may add some high growth stock considering long term investment. Also better to avoid PSU however attractive they may seem.

Thanks for your response.

Kindly share which stocks can be avoided…

Hi Dinuarcher,

In my view you can avoid CDSL , BSE and Cochin Shipyard.

Thanks for your views ramesh

Some of your stocks have been discussed at length in the forum, you check the topics if you have not already. They certainly give a picture and would help in handling your PF.

Have you categorized your PF to long-term holdings and opportunistic/growth bets? I don’t see no FMCG, IT, Pharma or consumer companies? Not interested?

P.S I am a new investor myself.

Hi Chaitanya,

My portfolio is just year old and in the process on adding stocks slowly. Since Indian stocks are overvalued year ago, I have added both Conservative and growth bets together for portfolio stability during meltdown if any…
Now Iam regrating to have conservative stocks like BSE, BLS and cochin shipyard :slight_smile:

Hi ,
Quite a conservative portfolio
Your two biggest allocation are in Schaffler and VST Tillers.
Schaeffler has a wonderful past record with healthy balancesheet. It is currently around a 17000 Cr Company. I was studying it but did not get any fair idea of the Industry market size. How much it can capture or how far it can go If you have any idea , please share. I believe the allocation to be on a higher side and i won’t be giving it more than 5-6% Allocation.
VST Tiller is also a great business. The Company has shown a great record in past and management looks very honest. Though there are risks associated with the business like monsoon and government interference by way of subsidies. Last 3 quarters are discouraging but that is normal till it is maintaining a good market share. The specialty of the business was in below 20 HP but now it is facing competition with M&M . I think the market is big in below 20HP as land holdings of farmers are small . Mechanization and increase of farm income may be helpful for the company. Again the allocation looks very high. I won’t allocate more than 5-6% of my portfolio. Need to observe few quarters going forward.
BSE and CDSL are very conservative business. Better forget it . You can allocate total 10% there rather than individually. I suggest to diversify a little in FMCG (Overvalued but have patience , market may give an opportunity someday), Pharma/API , Agro Chemical Companies (Lot of sources available to understand these sectors).
Ujjivan allocation looks on a higher side. I hope you have compared it with Equitas.

No idea about rest of the Companies.

Disc: Currently i do not own any stock from your list. Tracking VST and may take some position in future.


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Large caps are still overvalued now, only small caps are beaten. You should develop conviction spending a lot of time and gathering as much information as can and find the valuation you are comfortable with, only then you can have a high allocation. If you are still convinced with your thesis for your stocks, don’t regret, you may give them some time, or if you think there are better opportunities you may move to them, there are many solutions.

I have such experiences, I have overpaid for some stocks without paying attention to the price and learnt a few lessons and sold them at loss and moved to other opportunities, this time cautious about the story, the valuations. Learning and implementing slowly.