Excess Capital Value Preservation: Discuss different ways to avoid value destruction by inflation and notify new opportunities

I am creating this thread to discuss different opportunities that come time to time to give secure returns where aim is just to beat inflation thus preserving value of existing capital. This is useful for capital that you have not invested in equity portfolio now but want to deploy later on correction. So currently its fetching you 3% saving account rate.

Many times we miss opportunities where parking capital is better than putting money in fixed deposit for 6-7% returns.

For example,

  1. few years back Hawkins Cooker was offering 11% on FD when Banks were offering 8.5% on FD. Since Hawkins management is considered ethical, 11% on FD was good as well as Safe than putting money in some Cooperative bank.
  2. Government offers some inflation adjusted bonds
  3. etc

Let us use this as channel for

  1. Knowledge sharing as well as
  2. notifications on new opporunities
    to preserve value of capital in most secure way.

Sometime back there was a similar thread on investing in Liquid fund/bonds etc…