Excellent work .Requesting to add more

Dear Donald ,

First of all A big thanks for bringing up such a wonderful website .I appreciate your thought to develop such screens which are very useful .I have been looknig for such website since long time .Most of them in this world are commercialized ,but your thought to educate others is excellent .Hats off!!!

I just wanted to request you to add lots of information regarding how to value stocks .which models to use ?when to use ?how to use ? Also when we are calculating the fundamental ratios ,I wanted to know are these results that are present in the screens ,are adjusted to the account manipulations .


say for example some companies might capitalize expenses to boost profits or say revenue recognisaton polices that effect net income or the accounting policies ,etc…

are we taking them into considieration during the calcualtions?

also I request you to let me know is there any thing I can contribute to the wonderful work you are doing ?



Thanks Srikanth,

Great to see the enthusiasm and eagerness to explore more, learn & share, contribute. The fastest and teh surest route to speed up your learning curve is to volunteer to more.

This is exactly the kind of community we want ValuePickr to represent to our regular users. This will be a learning community.A democratic, actionable advise and accountable community. I have always believed 10 minds are always better than 1 - no matter how brilliant or experienced one is. I dream daily of a community where we have just 50 solid volunteers working to dig deeper into promising opportunities, under the guidance of say just 10 experienced seniors in asking the right questions and interpreting the findings right. And I want to add to these 10 industry experts -professionals from 10 different industries say Pharma, auto, Metals, Sugar, IT, Chemicals, etc.etc. who add that great insider value to whatever hard-nosed research can come up with.

This is a dream I live daily! I can virtually see it happening, when I close my eyes! An open accessible community where everyone has equal access to any publicly available information, has access to the best analytic tools that can be possible, access to research databases in time, and truly, truly collaborate and produce actionable information data and advise -for everyone to benefit from.

If we can reach even halfway, we would have started creating something very valuable!

Cheers! ValuePickr is glad to own up volunteers like you. Anyone reading this, and feels energised please put your hands up. I am forming a collaborators group pretty soon from the early adopters, so you can start putting your hands up! Everyone starts on a blank slate, but the more contributions we make, the more you learn and move up with privileges!. I have some good ideas on how to incentivise this that recognises every contribution howsoever small, but also rewards every significant contribution handsomely!

But more on that later! let’s see if we have enough show of hands!!