Excel Stock Screener: Please evaluate and help improve this tool

Dear all, I have built an Excel-based stock screener for Indian stocks. It gets data from Value Research and allows the user to screen capitalization-wise and sector-wise. I request forum members to evaluate the sheet and let me know how to improve it.
I have always wanted to build a stock screener and hence this sheet. I am well aware that they are pretty good online screeners available. My aim is to develop a simple screen which new stock investors can use to quickly eliminate duds.

You can download the screener from here.

Look forward to hearing from you.


please suggest how to use the excel…it is not connecting to internet

This will work only on Windows Excel versions 2007 upwards. If you are on such a platform, then it could be a firewall issue (typically from workplaces). I just checked the sheet and it runs fine (as of now, until VR changes its layout!)

Update: The stock screener is now available on Google sheets: Freefincal Stock Screener: Google Sheets Edition.



Though it is opening, I am not able search with other stocks , I tried Control print, Tatasteel,but it is not loading only it is showing Colgate Palmolive

No one makes money or become a good investor by using screeners. I tried screener.in so many times but I am not able to get a good/attractive investment anytime. The key to successful investing is keep your ears and eyes open and zero in on a stock. As far as possible, after this step, get all the data directly from the company/nse . Screeners are automated tools and they dont think. An investment is more to do with future than past. If you turn upside down 100 or more pebbles one can get/not get attractive investments.

For example, take the case of Navin Fluorine. How screeners would have helped in identifying the scrip.

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This is a screener and individual stocks cannot be ‘loaded’. Are you talking about this file or about the Automated stock analyzer?

I am talking about automated stock analyser in Excel form where I am supposed to input the stock name in the " Input" sheet

Will have a look. Thanks.

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@pattu This is really a great work you have done I must say …

Can you please advise if we can get the list of all companies listed with below simple criteria

“roe > 15 & Debt/Equity < 1”

Yes of course. Set Roe >15 first and then set D/E <1.

May be I didn’t put the question right.Here is what I wanted to achieve…

Remove default filters like Altman Score,EV/EBITDA,Market Cap,Sector,etc (which are already there on your excel sheet) & list out all the 6000+ companies listed in BSE/NSE on to the excel sheet which matches a simple criteria like “roe > 20 & Debt/Equity < 2”.

Is this possible ?

I understood your requirement. This is possible in exactly the order that you described.

Thank You for clarification.

If u don’t mind please advise which TAB I should put these values in…

The reason I am asking is because I see only 2457 companies listed by default on the list under tab “All Data MarketCap”. I guess I don’t know how to use this wonderful tool properly :sweat:

You can ignore the black buttons in the main page, head over to the data sheet. remove existing filter - look for the shape of the small grey square at the top. Then you can add your own filters. See the video here for a demo.


Got it :grin:

Thanks a lot…

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People dont make money of screeners because the screener has been made in a generic way. But if the screener was made so that it can be customized for each and every individual. It it was possible to quickly and efficiently search for companies. If extra information about the shortlisted companies was quickly available then I am sure a screener would help people make money. I was frustrated with the screeners available and ended up creating http://investr.co.in Please do try it and tell me if it helps you!

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Update: have now added screening by index. You can screen stocks from 50 BSE or NSE indices. Download the Freefincal Excel Stock Screener – Version 2


Is there any way I can download entire data without filtering by market cap? Later on I want to apply filter as per my need.

you can download data by each cap and copy that to a separate sheet. Will only take a few mins to get them all.

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