Excel sheet to calculate total stock returns including price appreciation and dividends

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I would like to know if there is some way to pull data so we can calculate total returns including share price appreciation and total dividends received from the stock. This would be more applicable for investors who have been holding for more than 7-10 years and have some method apart from manually entering dividends. Also will be a good exercise to be able to calculate for multiple stocks the returns that we could have enjoyed by holding long term.

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I have been looking for something similar as well. Also is there an online resource where we can get the total returns from a stock?

Try My Portfolios feature of bseplus.bseindia.com


Other option is to use Google Finance.

Also search the forum. You should find some excel sheet that use XIRR function to calculate returns.



I use iXBRANALYST. The service provide the best services to get any stock prices, quote and financial data from 2009 in excel to any of your device. You’ll also get 15 day free trial
You can use this link

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