ERohit Portfolio - For views

I would like to thank the founders of this wonderful forum. Valuepickr forum and are the most useful tools in my investment journey. Have attached my portfolio for forum members’ view.

To just brief about my investment journey, I started investing from April 2017. However, most of the investment happened in Q2 2017. My investment style has undergone tremendous changes during the period. Major highlights are:

  1. Started with most beaten down stocks without really checking the fundamentals… burnt my hands, quickly learnt my mistakes and could able to come out with minimal tuition fees. :slight_smile:
  2. Came across valuepickr and screener - learnt the basic concepts on how to pick stocks.
  3. Obsessed with low PE stocks - would scan multiple times. Meanwhile understood the concept of valuetraps, just by tracking few stocks
  4. Realized Market assigns high PE to Growth aspect - But, no one can exactly predict the growth - multiple factors that may come into play
  5. My current style is company with good sector tailwinds that is undergoing expansions or debt repayment - can actually give the required growth to the market


  1. Trident Ltd @ +85% profit
  2. Centrum Capital @ +9% proft
  3. Sanghi Industries @ +29% profit
  4. Max Ventures @ -30% Loss
  5. Sintex Plastics @ +4% proft
  6. Artemis Global @ +0.5% proft

Missed Opportunities: Studied, missed due to fast run-up before buying. Was not comfortable chasing them at any cost.

  1. BEPL @ 22 - was waiting for good correction, never gave me opportunity
  2. Himadri Speciality Chemicals @ 70 - Same here
  3. Godawari Power @ 170 - Same here

Way Forward.

  1. Though I bought few books as recommended in this forum, Haven’t read any book till now. Would look to read them in the current year
  2. Im in search for various sources for good picks… though I have few sources, wanted to add more. My belief is, to find a good company at good prices, we should leave no stone unturned.