Equity's Portfolio - Plz Review..!

Kaveri Seed 9%

Ipca Labs 7.6%

Alembic Pharma 5.9%

Aurobindo Pharma 5.7%

Tata Motors 4.9%

Page Industries 4.3%

TCS 4.2%

Sun Pharma 4%

Mayur Uniquoters 4%

Avanti Feeds 4%

Tech Mahindra 3.17%

Eicher Motors 2.7%

Astral Poly Tech 2.7%

Ajanta Pharma 2.6%

HCL Tech 2.6%

Shilpa Medicare 2.5%

Poly Medicure 2.5%

Lupin 2.3%

DHFL 2.2%

Symphony 2.2%

VST Tillers 2.2%

Cera 2.2%

NIIT Tech 2.2%

Repco 2%

FSL 1.5%

PI 1.5%

Dr. Reddy 1.5%

PVR 1.5%

USL 1.4%

Relaxo 1.3%

Atul 1.2%

Please comment on the same and let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations.

Its a good example of diversified portfolio.

should provide good returns.

Excellent portfolio,Equity.Good mix of large/mid/small caps.You may probably remove the low allocation stocks & consolidate in the others.

I am planning to:

Replace Lupin with Alembic Pharma

Replace DFHL with Repco

Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you for your reply.


I would advise you not to replace Lupin and DHFL - both business and management are much better than other stocks -

Though you can buy alembic on steep declines to 220 levels or so

Peter Lynch once said "Stocks are like children, have as many as you can afford"

Unless you are a full time investor it will certainly be difficult for you to keep an eye on all the businesses.Reduce the number by consolidating if you feel so.

Overall good set of stocks.

I know Lupin is a top notch business but having 8 pharma cos in a portfolio is too much I guess that is why I plan to reduce it to 7 at the moment then to 6.

I think Alembic will see higher growth than past as it is now focussing on US markets as well as Indian market to add to that I guess it will be difficult to see such a fall of around 15% in Alembic Pharma as

1). Its fundamentals are really strong

2). Market has developed a fascination for Pharma stocks

3). Good quality pharma stocks rarely see that kind of a decline if there are no regulatory issues. For e.g - Sun Pharma, Ipca Labs, etc

4). Alembic has been really taking care of regulatory issues - you can see that in the latest Management Q&A.

** “Stocks afford” ** businesses.Reduce

@Raj - You are absolutely correct Raj… I plan to reduce this to 20 companies but not less than that as I believe having that number of companies certainly diversifies all the risk plus my short terms goals will require some liquidity so I need to keep that in mind too… !!

Any suggestions on reducing the number of stocks?

@ Hitesh - Is it prudent to buy Symphony and VST Tillers at CMP if I have a 2-3 year perspective?

Are any of these stocks worth buying and accumulating at CMP?

I agree to all your view points - but in long term it is not a good strategy to replace a top quality stock which has many many growth drivers in place for atleast 5 yrs by a company a shade below it. You can add onto alembic on nay declines by replacing may be other stocks like repco, PI, Relaxo and atul. This way you will reduce your no of holdings as well.

My advise would be to add on to PVR, replace NIIT with persistent, add to shilpa by reducing from poly medicure, add onto some financial stocks by reducing no of pharma stocks. If you are adding Alembic, no point in holding Ajanta, IPCA and aurobindo, rather at current prices replace by one stock may be biocon.


I would advise you not to replace Lupin and DHFL - both business and management are much better than other stocks -

Though you can buy alembic on steep declines to 220 levels or so




Repco is worth buying in this sideways market. because once it starts it moves very fast. Page is moving very fast. best price would be around 6000.

Just sharing something that has happened very often to me in Page every time there is an upmove. It is always that once it moves, I feel that 5-10% down from there would be a good price to buy. But for a long term buyer, does a 5-10% down move matter so much, that one misses the bus if it does not drop? Why not just invest at 5% above the price - as in this case, at 6300 instead of waiting for 6000?

Page is moving very fast. best price would be around 6000.

I think Vinayak you make sense because when I bought Page for 5200 I thought it is expensive but in high growth and market favourite stocks you never know. Plus Jockey is such an incredible brand with amazing business that it will always command premium.

But at the same time Hitesh bhai gave the fair value and as you also mentioned Vinay(sorry used wrong name earlier) that Page falls 5-10% after upmove 6000 seems to be the right price to buy at the current moment.

Latest Portfolio:

Shilpa Medicare 10.47%

Repco Home 9.06%

Kaveri Seed 8.04%

Avanti Feeds 6.15%

Page Industries 5.69%

Cera Sanitary 5.56%

Aurobindo Pharma 5.50%

Alembic Pharma 5.50%

Astral Poly Technik 5%

VST Tillers 4.7%

Ajanta Pharma 4.4%

Mayur Uniquoter 4.17%

Poly Medicure 3.3%

Ashiana Realty 3%

Balkrishna Industries 3%

PI Industries 2.76%

Dhanuka Agritech 2.64%

Tata Motors - DVR 2.4%

PTC India FS 2.4%

Kajaria Ceramics 2%

Relaxo Footwear 2%

Atul Auto 2%

Congratulations, looks like a great selection of most high quality A+/ A names in one basket. Best of luck, the portfolio is well diversified and should good great returns in long term even if you are planning to go for a vacation for next 2 years :). Or st’art an *merging Businesses Growth Fund :).Also a good one to replicate / choose from from new Investors/ Starters in the mid/small cap pack. I am sure their will be a surge of new investors into equity market if the bull run continues for some more time.

Recommend to hold on to the quality names if there’s any short term carnage due to elections. Most of them have provided great returns in last 6 months and some may show sharp movements, but that will the time to add further.

Thank You Gaurav… I was thinking of replacing Alembic Pharma with Symphony… !! Seems like an amazing story unfolding with atleast 30% c.a return possible…

Also thinking of Can Fin Homes and Selan Exploration… In all of these had trading bets earlier… Now thinking of investing for long term…

Excellent picks n quality stocks to hold on for long.

Could you also tell more about your self , your place n experienc e in stock market.?

Also could you provide any update on your recent additions n reasoning for the same specially also for top picks.

@Vivek Gautam Sorry for late reply. I was on a tour.

I am an amateur investor but a very passionate one, who is trying to learn the art of investing. I am from Kolkata. My experience in stock market has been amazing (wood-touch). I get to learn daily and refine my knowledge base daily is what attracts me to stocks apart from the financial background which helps but isn’t a pre-requisite to be a good investor.

Would like to know more about you too. Where are you from? What do you do? Your experiences?