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I want you guys to do me a favour. If any of you are using any kind of paid Equity Research subscriptions please write the experience. Also mention the price for such subscription and if possible post one sample report.

What I’m Looking For: In-depth Fundamental Analysis like Crisil 25 pages reports.

What I’m not Looking For: a 2 page report found freely on internet explaining that is a fundamental-value-buy.

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Also, did anyone here use Crisil paid subscription ?

I have used equitymaster in the past, but did not like the quality of reports… analysis is very basic and not much can be gained from the, that cannot be figured out independently by going through the company annual reports and quarterly updates.

The quality of research in Edelweiss is top notch, and what’s good is they are pretty conservative and restrain from painting rosy pictures with lofty price targets. Their research is free for members (people having demat/trading A/C).

For other paid reports, one can get an account at www.etintelligence.com, they are aggregator of reports from different leading Indian/foreign equity research firms through a common subscription. Some sectoral reports/ initiate coverage on companies are worthy.


Thank You!

Hi All,

Couple of my friends have subscribed to moneyworks4meor equitymaster. How reliable are their BUY/SELL

recos ? Any past experience will be useful for my understanding and learning.



Hi Hari,

moneyworks4me provides buy sell recommendation based on price point and show financials for last few years. It is much better to use screener for that and moneyworks4me uses a rather quantitative approach. Its better to avoid that and use ur own conviction to build up on individual stocks after thorough research as there is no easy substitute for one’s own homework.

Equitymaster covers large cap, mid cap and small cap. They have some analysis on Buffet shareholder letters which I have read and is good and their list of articles on What We’re Reading has some good articles. Both of these are free of cost. Regarding their stock picks, most of them are well researched and hence not much of a point for active investors doing their own research. They might pick out some unknown name in small-cap though, but the best utility it may have is to add to ur watchlist.

There’s no one size fits all, do what u r comfortable with.

Hope this helps



seems to have a good collection of reports, and better UI too.


I am sharing a link where daily research reports, market updates, economic reports , presentation etc are uploaded
Hope it would be useful to the community members



Thanks you Rizwan.
I would lookout for Credit Suiise report, are these report paid, or are they only circulated among a niche audience ?

Trendlyne seems very good as of now

Marketsmojo also somewhat good

Some sectorial reports available at DSIJ site

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Yes Trendlyne is very good better than screener.in

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How to get access to research reports by Ambit?

Check researchbytes as well