Equicase: Analyse Your Stock Positions Overtime

There is a lack of tool which serves the actual need from an “Investor Perspective” to track their stock portfolio overtime factored with bought/sold stocks and added/withdrawn cash.

At present, most of the tools only support functionalities to track your portfolio on a daily basis but that is not sufficient because the overall P&L is a combined result of all transactions I made over time — for months, years or maybe decades. We can manually maintain Excel Sheet which is not a convenient process and also the stock prices are still not factored.

If I sold a few high weighted profitable stocks, the returns of my current portfolio will dramatically reduce but technically the profits are not reflected in my stockbroker app.

So after wandering for a long time, I buckled up to build a minimum viable product, EquiCase— where users can track their portfolio in a highly customized manner.

Typically, a user will add transactions grouped into 4 types:

  • Buy Stock.
  • Sell Stock.
  • Add Funds.
  • Withdraw Funds.

And based on those transactions, equicase will create an analytical dashboard providing you pretty good insights of your portfolio OVERTIME like average cost, holding period, aggregate stats, multiple portfolio support, portfolio return charts, etc.

Check demo (MVP): https://equicase.io/demo

Would really love to have your suggestions and insights on what would you like to visualize in your portfolio and also helpful in shaping up the product from “Investor Perspective” :grin:


A very good initiative. I would suggest that you add a display which shows a monthly / half-yearly / yearly / specific year XIRR / full investment life IRR tool as well.

A minor suggestion would be to add Dividends also into the XIRR calculations. For a company like Oracle (As an example, since it usually has high DPR), Dividends form a big part of the overall returns from investing in the stock. Looking at the Capital Appreciation alone would not do it justice.


Very good initiative Sowmay. I had the same dilemma of tracking stocks in brokers website but as you said such trackers / websites does not track my overall returns / loss over a period of time. Also, I not able to keep track of the holding period of a particular stock once I have sold the positions. Where that info is available, an investor would be able to double check whether he / she is a long term vis-à-vis short term momentum player. Then I came across Marketsmojo

Marketsmojo has an option of tracking your investments (i.e. you can create and track your holdings under the tab ‘Portfolio’) which has helped me to address the above issues. Aside from that Marketsmojo track how your portfolio performed vis-à-vis the benchmark. They would also let your know whether your portfolio holdings are comprised of high vs low beta stocks. They have a paid option where they delve further into details about your stocks based quality, valuation, liquidity, financial strength and suggest alternative stocks based on your investment behavior / risk appetite / financial trend, etc.

As mentioned previously, I believe it would be a good starting point to understand the paid features of marketsmojo and try to accommodate them into equicase.io if that is not too much to ask at this stage. I am quite sure that investors would be more than happy to back / support this initiative as and when they find it useful.

Needless to say again, this is a great initiative. I will definitely keep track of the developments and happy to make suggestions along the way to refine equicase.io and make it a great success among investors.



Ah! that’s helpful @dineshssairam and will surely have time based responsive chart view. Will circle back for XIRR, IRR, and other complex metrics.

Thanks, @Matt1985 for sharing.

I was using Economic Times Portfolio. It also captures all data and gives ITR format for easy filing the returns. I feel ET Portfolio is really good. Please you check https://etportfolio.indiatimes.com/pw_portfolio.cms#/portfolio/. it will benefit for further improvements.
Now-a-days most of the brokers AB Capital, Ventura, giving the statements which will be help ful for tax filing also.

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Is it free or paid
Trendlyne got lot of these portfolios

What ur view on smallcase

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Feature Suggestion : Import existing portfolios from broker site

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Economic times portfolio is free