Email IDs: Do not leave your email IDs floating in public forums like VP

Please be advised it is not a good practice to leave your email IDs in the open in public forums like VP. We encourage direct communication between members - but there are other ways of achieving this - than aiding the spamming and identity crawling menace.

Please follow guidelines below for connecting directly with Members.

Posted byAdministratorat Sunday 10:51


Please do not leave your email IDs floating in the open at public forums like VP. Perfect for crawlers looking for email IDs and spammers. If you must mention email ID at least take normal precautions like xxx at yyy dot com.

Whenever you want to contact someone - just click on the post author’s name, like as shown below

Posted byVivek Gautamat Sunday 02:18.

You will be able to send a private message to the person without leaving email IDs open.