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Electric Cars/Bus :: Call it a Disruption?

I think India will import Lithium, Cobalt and may be some Nickle. Hindustan copper has started a Nickel facility in Ghatshila. We have lot of Aluminium, Graphite.

Goldstone Infra is already at a PE of 100.


There were discussion in another thread of Amara raja batteries. Maruti ties up with Denso and Toshiba to produce Li ion batteries from 2020. The scale may not be much when they start as they may add these batteries for their models with regenerative braking and integrated starter generator. I would be surprised if they can go beyond 10 kph but would be ideal for our bumper to bumper traffic. Sad to see that Govt removed flame scheme.

Once we have infra setup , we could see real electrics. 2025 is my guess when we could see electrics become viable , at least for city.

Toshiba is one of the top Li based battery producers and ideal JV partner in India. Add to it that Tata may form similar JV with GS Yuasa. This company is also a good one to watch during the next few years.


Let us not forget that EVs need twice as much as copper than a normal we need to take out opportunities for copper too.

Companies which are into windings & copper accessories will stand to benefit.
Now I have filtered RCI Industries ,Hind Copper n Cubex based on above
Disc: Invested in RCI in tracking positions.

Goldstone Launches India’s First Electric Bus For Public Transport In Himachal Pradesh…

Future of EV_2017.pdf (820.8 KB)

The report is freely available over net.
Rgds, Mukesh


Report mentions Panasonic Carbon as a Battery component maker, but I suspect if their product has anything to do with Electric Vehicles. As per my understanding, Panasonic Carbon makes only Carbon Rod as a component of Dry Cell Batteries. Are these Dry Cell Batteries used in Electric Vehicles?

Madhavikutty is right IMO.
The carbon Panasonic makes in india is used in small drycell batteries.
Nothing to do with EVs

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As per Graphite India AR 2017, they do not have any plan to manufacture electrodes for Li ion cells. Their graphite electrodes are used in Alumnium and Steel Ind. As for as my knowledge goes, Himadri only makes or in the process of developing and produing Advance Carbon black which is an input to Li Ion cells used in EVs. Experts may correct if my perception is wrong.


Really good Thread…let this thread evolve and find the true gem in EV segment…as for as goldstone infra is concerned i had invested in it but sold now…i think Govt will not like to let BYD through Goldstone infra take a great Market share in EV segment,infact govt is focusing on indigenous Li-Ion battery…imported battery is not a solution


Any news about panasonic carbon?. since, Tesla and Panasonic jointly developed giga factory, may be indian wing has some potentian going Forwards.

EV has come of age. The disruption is fast and becoming reality in near term. See this interesting video.


It appears Tesla has no plans in immediate future to start production of its cars in India eventhougn GOI offers incentives to start one. See the following news items.

EV will change the automobile market

Agreed! There’s so much untapped opportunity in the Electric Cars market. The government will soon ease regulations to promote electric vehicles.

Exide is already building up for the future by partnering with other companies and setting up a lithium plant in India.

Can’t wait to see how this shapes up the power & automobiles sector in the near future!

Hindustan copper???

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I believe that Hindustan copper is the only company that gets benefited?
Does Hindalco and other players (if any) who could benefited?

EV growth should benfit base metals, as nickel is used in batteries, copper in electrical wiring and aluminum in reducing the weight of cars

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I wished to know what would be the impact of EV on coal and crude oil price?
I understand that the EV battery will be recharged with electricity. What would be the energy source for this electricity. Currently electricity is generated with coal, gas, oil besides renewable sources like solar, wind…which are very less at the moment. How will the energy source change with EV ? Wont we need more energy for EV than currently required?