Ecoplast - An unknown packaging gem

Ecoplast Ltd is one of Indiaas most respected and largest suppliers of multilayer co-extruded polyethylene and co-polymer films to the flexible packaging industry as well as a variety of other specialty applications around the world.

Ecoplast has had a major role in the development of the flexible packaging industry in India ; this industry uses multi layer polyethylene and co-polymer films for laminating to one or more substrates, such as polyester film, polypropylene film, often in combinations with aluminium foil and/or paper, depending upon the packaging system. The multilayer film forms the inner most layer a the heat seal layer a of the laminate, which is in contact with the packed product.

The annual production capacity of multilayer films at Ecoplast is 9289MT/ year, with a turnover of approximately Rs. 660 million for the year ended March 2011. Ecoplast was incorporated on 7th May 1981 as a private limited company. Then by offering its shares on the Bombay Stock Exchange, to finance a major expansion Ecoplast became a public limited company, in November 1994.

Ecoplast lamination films are used as:

Agro Film :

  • Fertilizer (1kg/2kg/5kg pack) , Pesticides (1kg/2kg/5kg pack), Insecticides(1kg/2kg/5kg pack),Seeds,Cattle Feeds, Poultry Feeds, Agro Feeds

Cosmetics & Toiletries:

  • Detergents, Face Creams, Shampoos, Tooth Paste

Food & Beverages

  • Dairy Products, Edible Oil, Fruit Juices, Marine Products,Processed Foods, Ready-to-Eat Meals,Snack Foods, Staple Commodities [salt, wheat flour, rice, sugar],Tea, Coffee and Spices


  • Medicines and Tablets, Oral Dehydration Powder, Release Film for Adhesive Tapes

Speciality Application:

  • Adhesive films for bonding substrates for the Automobile Industry., Cement (25kg Pack), Condom Packaging, Easy Open/Seal-Peel Films, Films for Vacuum Metalising, Lubricating Oils, PLASPER : Polymer based Synthetic Paper Retort Films, Surface Protection Films

Medical / Surgical Product

  • Sterile Products such as Syringes, Needles, Catheters, Gloves, Surgical Instruments, Operation Theatre products, Sutures

Cement Packing

  • Cements both Regular and White Cements in a pack of 1kg / 2kg /5kg /10 kg

Lube Oils

  • Lube Oils in Flexi packs of size 40ml / 60ml / 205ml/1 liter, Engine Oils / Brake Oils etc in pouch pack.

Easy Peel Seal film

  • Food packs and REM packs which provides aconvenience" at the time of dispensing of the products., Medical packs which need the “convenience” feature in specific cases of medicines for adults/patients., Lidding materials on semi rigid food trays for ease of opening convenience.

Masking Films & Surface Protection Films
Coating of different types of synthetic adhesives on LDPE films which are subsequently used in masking purpose of products like furniture, extruded sections, metal sheets, decorative glass etc.

Cable Wrap:
Lamition of aluminium foil or stainless steel foils and its subsequent use in the sheathing of Industrial Jelly filled cables or fibre optic cables

For metalizing of LDPE Film which are subsequently used for Barrier packaging of food products.

Pet Foods:
Cat/Dog Foods and other similar pets foods in flex pack of 1 kg/5 kgs/ 10 kgs etc.

Auto Industry
Bonding of Fabrics and Foams which are subsequently used for hood liners, door liners, door trims, carpets manufacturing and seating upholstery etc.

This company with turnover66.21Cr available at market cap of 10.46 Cr. Promotors holds 57.13% shares and non of them are pledged. PE ration of 4.91 with industry PE at 10.54 . The best part is its PEG ratio which is just 0.20 . YOY Quaterly profit growth is 440% . This is rare stock available atG factorof 10 .A Growth factor developed by Dalal-Street Team. Maximum score is 10 and minimum is 0. Higher, more are the prospects of growth.

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All your views on the company is highly welcomed and lets discuss this . Company website :

Hi Deepak,

I also had a quick look at the company after Q2 nos but after visiting their website, I couldn’t get a feel of something special in this co. I think though the valuations may be cheap but qualitatively the co may not go a long way.


Hi Ayush,

Can you please elaborate a bit on why you did not feel anything special .

It would be a good learning for me.

Going through their website, I felt that the space they are operating in has a limited potential and must be competitive in nature. Offlate, my thinking for small caps has been that we should look for somespecialty, higher growth (or significant undervaluation) to justify the higher risk we undertake.