Economy of Space: Effective Communication: Making it easy for readers to assimilate


We do not advertise this - Manishbhai is our defacto Moderator. He is a very busy and very successful entrepreneur. But it is his keen eye for quality and greater keenness to uphold the values, aims and culture of ValuePickr that everyday he devotes some time to check out discussions at ValuePickr.

That discussions are carried out in good humour, intervenes before anything can flare up, intervenes when people do not bother to read/adhere to guidelines, and gently cautions when he sees quality being compromised.

One of things he is stressing on most these days - unnecessary repetition or quoting back - which we all have seen is mostly avoidable. If indeed you need to highlight a specific part you want to refer to - please do, but take care to edit out the rest of the unnecessary stuff. As more and more threads get added, Manishbhai strongly feels the reader will have less and less time to assimilate - so we must strive to be concise in our communication - and definitely avoid repetitive stuff which does not add any value and rather becomes value-dilutive. Please also ensure that you DO NOT LEAVE large blank spaces behind in very post.

It’s great to have someone like him ensuring quality at ValuePickr. That ValuePickr has been able to grow and keep intact its culture of self-moderation among this spurt of growth in readership - is largely due to Manishbhai and a handful of others like him.

Please take his gentle words of caution with the due respect it deserves. Portfolio Q&A and all discussion threads have a seriousness of purpose - they are not meant for chit-chat of the type_“As usual I woke up at10 AMand made a Nescafe. The Lazy Sun in Bangalore is no where visible. The climate is sullen and looked as if it is going to rain. A sexy drizzle would have been romantic, I thought. And It started. White marble chips falling on greenish-wheatish earth. The phone rang and disturbed the whole scene.”:))_

We recognise there is a need for that also. There is a new space created VP Hangout!for chit-chat and showing off your other talents.:)). And we would love to discover the other sides of most people. Feel free to add threads here. If we use it with discretion, this may be another great addition to ValuePickr community bonding.

One other thing. ValuePickr prides itself on Originality - and original home-grown ideas, developed form active experience and grunge work of churning thru and participating in hundreds of opportunities. Most of the most popular threads at ValuePickr you WON’T FIND in textbooks or guruspeak - like Capital Allocation, ART of Valuation, Success Patterns, Lessons from Mr Market and the like.

Guruspeak and textbook-stuff there are lots of other places to go to read. Repeating similar thought process - however sensible - on every thread one participates in is bound to bring in readership fatigue.You are responsible for your own online reputation)- it is useful to remember that. Original in-depth work is what ValuePickrs are known and respected for.

thanks for the post.

I guess while replying to someone it makes sense just to address him as say @xyz and replying so that the message is conveyed to that guy instead of quoting that guy and then replying bcos that consumes unnecessary space… Plus if the reply is not in a different font or bold or something like that it even makes it difficult to find out what the guy has replied.

Those experienced with the forum will be able to take part of quote and then reply to that particular post.



Will it not be better if you remove the link"Reply to this" ?.This will force the person to address the message by writing **@xyz **as Hitesh has suggested.

Posted byAdministratorat Monday 00:11

Surya - Thanks for becoming conscious of space economy.

Varun - make sure, you don’t include nested quotes - completely unncessary. We are receiving complaints from seniors - that “readability” is becoming extremely poor with concatenated-nested quotes - “who is saying what” becomes difficult to make out in longer communications

We will become more & more strict with space economy. Everyone please help in becoming self-moderated and reduce admin job of moderators/administrators.


We can invoke temporary suspension of member from posting say for a month for violating the rules of the forum and if the same mistakes are repeated, then permanent suspension can be imposed. Unless we become strict, the discipline can not be maintained.

Nested Comments in a kind of tree like stucture would be more readable I suppose.

In our experience 90% of the time, Nested comments are un-necessary. If you really have to quote a specific portion in your reply, just copy/highlight that part and initiate a fresh comment on that.

Or, have the discipline to delete out every other non-essential part of the quote-back.

The main issue is about everyone of us ‘culturing’ a discipline -for clarity & brevity.