Download CSV issues

Hey guys,

First of all awesome job. Let me explain. I manage money and I don’t use third party research. Conducting my own research, screeners are a critical element. I was sorely missing something like this for the Indian context. Thank you so much.

Now to the problem… After a screener punches out the table and say it has 800 matching companies…If I click on ‘download CSV’ button, only the first 50 or the 50 that I am currently viewing rather, are downloaded as opposed to the entire list.

So as things stand right now, if I have 800 results I would have to download 16 files each with 50 companies.

Please help!!

Hi Shivank,

Thanks for the encouragement.

We have purposely kept it at 50 per page!

A screener’s objective is to land you a more promising shortlist of stocks. So, if a screen passes more than 50 companies it is a very loose screen. for something like 800 companies passing, its a market report, not a screen shortlist!

Secondly, the screener is actually very performance intensive. Think of simultaneous request handling. This acts like an enforced performance throttle too!

Hey thats okay but I would like to monitor change in sample size. What the table shows on the web page is okay. But when I download the CSV I should get the entire list…