Doubts about NCAVPS

Hello Folks!

I just finished reading The Intelligent Investor by B Graham and i am just checking out stocks.
I was applying NCAVPS- net current assests per share formula on specific shares.

On it just shows the value but i wanted to check it out myself
The formula is
NCAVPS= net current assests- total liabilities / no of shares

I tried to apply the same on sun tv network ltd
On screener it shows 103.20rs is the nvaps but my problem arises here-

Total current assests- 1727.23 cr
Total liabilities- 5530.91cr

So it will go in negative.
I am sure there is some mistake here, can anyone please explain me.

Also what are your reviews about this stock, my personal check seems that it is perfectly good and going into a buy zone.
Pratik Sanghvi

NCAVPS = (Current Assets - Current Liabilities)/ No. of shares

Current assets = 4717
Current Liabilities = 650.43
Shares = 39.41
NCAVPS = (4717 - 650.43)/ 39.41 = 103.18

Sun TV has some political overhang. Go through the forum topic for more clarity.