Does the Company charge for Annual reports

While looking at Sampre Nutritions Ltd. I found that their Annual Reports are not available for the Year 2011,2012 and 2015.So i decided to give them a call(Being a Beginner it was my first time :slightly_smiling: ).
Receptionist forwarded me to finance officer.When i asked him about the missing report he said he can provide me the reports for 5 rupee /page.
Then I ask him to send me the scan copy he denied(only hard copy).

Some questions came to my mind-

  1. Is this the first red flag-they are not open to public. or they trying to hide something?

  2. or it is a normal practice in small company.

  3. But how come the reports are not available to BSE also?

Interesting question, let me take a shot at it.

As per companies act company is suppose to send a copy to MEMBER of AR etc 21 days before AGM. Or make it available at registered office. (I think Section 136). Member includes shareholder, debenture or trustee who manage such things.

Second per listing requirement (Clause 31 i think) company is suppose to file a copy of annual report along with couple of other forms. Later on BSE/NSE clarified you can submit a soft copy also. Because for investor convenience the ARs are displayed.

Answer I think, they could have file a physical copy with BSE. And if you are a member for even all these years I don’t know it can be retro.

But I am not sure completely, sorry.

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At 5 rupee/page its more expensive than the Harry potter hard cover collectors edition :slight_smile:

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Annual reports are available on BSE from 2010.

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anyone tracking this counter and attended any recent AGM?. …