DK Portfolio - Creating longterm portfolio for wealth creation

Good Morning Seniors,

This is my first post in the forum, I have been a silent reader for nearly two years and finally decide to post and participate in the forum. It is really a great learning journey.

I have been studying and watching the market for more than 10 years (I was 25 when I got interested towards market) and started investing since last December with a primary goal of wealth creation.

During the past 10 years seen companies really growing and getting it reflected in stock price (missed that golden oppurtunity) which now gave me the confidence to identify oppurtunities and invest.

I would like to share my current portfolio and get the views of seniors.
Generally I carry out fundamental analysis for stocks (thanks to Dr. Vijay Malik & Safal Niveshal) before investing to see basic parameters like sales and profit growth, OPM, NPM, EPS. While purchasing I look for how much a stock can fall further while at the same time looking for updside.

Also I have taken a resolution of not to sell any stock before one year for two reasons, 1) to avoid capital gain 2) to allow time for the company to perform.
Planning to have a concentrated portfolio of around 10 to 15 stocks. Below table shows the list of stocks I started accumulating since December 2016.

Thanks to allowing me to participate in the forum.



Good Evening,

Although I started investing with long term view in the stocks mentioned in my previous post, it is was a easy task to buy and hold. Hope to become a disciplined investor in 2018.

Below is my latest portfolio. I exited some of the stocks from my previous post, most of them on profit.

Hoping to maintain a concentrated portfolio of less than 10 stocks. But it is very difficult and tempting to grab everything now a days with so many recommendations and research reports from reputed brokers.

Kindly share your views on my latest portfolio.

Thanks & Regards,