DJS Portfolio

01 TCS
02 Tech Mahindra
03 Persistent Systems
04 KPIT 3%
05 Glenmark
06 Lupin 1%
07 Godrej Consumer
08 Bata 5%
09 Page
10 PVR 6%
11 Zee 4%
12 M&M Financial
13 Bajaj Finance
14 M&M 1%
15 Bajaj Auto
Eicher 3%
17 Mayur UniQ
18 Kaveri Seed
19 PI Inds
20 Cash

Started building portfolio from 2009 onwards. Most of the time, I have about 20% cash and 20% of money in stocks for short-term/intraday trading.

TCS: Holding since 3 years and will continue at least till N. Chandra retires.
Tech Mahindra: Added recently. Excellent management. With successful merger of Satyam It’s going to be 3rd or 4th largest and will get into NIFTY in near future.
Persistent & KPIT: Pune twins. Both are growing slowly and steadily without any hiccups so far.

Glenmark: Distinguishes itself to be an innovator. Glenn Saldanha is not sure when will innovation start paying, neither am I. But still hanging on to it hoping that one day lottery will be drawn!
Lupin: Had Unichem in my portfolio for sometime. Conviction borrowed from Hit ji. As many may know, I follow Q-results closely, felt somewhat uneasy with Unichem and replaced it with Lupin. Now with Young and well qualified Vinitha Guptha getting in, feeling even more assured.

Godrej Consumer: Wanted to have some FMCG exposure to my portfolio. Greatly impressed by Adi Godrej whenever listening to him in TV interviews and just went ahead and brought it.
Bata: Back then when we were kids (me and my sister), once in a year or so Dad would take us to Bata showroom and buy us a good pair of shoes. And he would display those discount coupons while paying cash. He would buy us one size bigger shoes such that it would last at least 1 year until he would get next coupons (?). It was such a euphoric feeling. Being in a struggling middle class family, those Bata shoes were only luxury item that we had.
Page: Took very very small quantity 2 years back when Page was below 2000. Since then, can you guys believe, have been adding just 1 Page whenever I had some extra cash. Since taking a small initial position, I have never bought more than 1 share of Page at a time.

Zee & PVR: Sunrise sector? would like to test how it goes. Zee is a recent buy whereas PVR I am holding since more than a year now. Buyout of Cinemax is icing on the cake.

M&M financial and Bajaj finance, two of the best NBFC’s as per my limited knowledge. While flamboyant Rajiv Bajaj is firing on all cylinders at Bajaj Auto, his less famous brother Sanjiv Bajaj is doing equally well with his finance companies.


The first stock in my portfolio. Used to be more than 10% of portfolio. I have booked profit recently but became somewhat senti to sell it off entirely. Waiting for right opportunity to add it again.

Bajaj Auto:

Just-Yesterday buy. Taken initial position. Will keep on adding.

Mayur Uniq

)- Thanks to hit ji from the time of TED.


)- Borrowed conviction from Valuepickers. Recent buy @ above 1600/-

PI Inds

)- Definitely owe it to Mahesh ji Shah. Thank you sir for your extensive coverage. And even as I type this, you have just come up with a new update!



There is a cousin brother of mine. He gets into a good job just after graduation and first thing he does is, buys a 1970’s model of Efield Bullet dirt cheap. Idea is to restore it. Every weekend, his mechanic friend would land up at his apartment basement with tools and spares and both guys would spend entire night and next whole day rebuilding the bike. It took them almost a year and more than 50000 bucks to get this ready. He is a member of some bullet club and has travelled length and breadth of country on his Bullet. Then, he gets transferred to Mumbai. He does not take his bike as he can’t take the hassle of re-registering it in new state. But he can’t live without his bullet. So he buys one more bike in Mumbai, this time brand new Bullet 500! He calls them gharwali and baharwali. Every 6 months he takes 3-4 days leave, comes down to Bangy just to take his gharwali out on a long ride! Such is the passion.

I know Bullet is just a small part of Eicher. But the passion with which Siddhartha Lal has restored this iconic brand is just unbelievable. This is to be another page in my portfolio - keep on adding just 1 share whenever there is some extra cash.

Thanks - DJS


Great to see someone trying to stick to his niche…Software in your case…

Overall the portfolio and the logic behind it seems good.



Tech Mahindra:
Persistent & KPIT:


Godrej Consumer:

Zee & PVR:

** M&M finance, ** M&M: Bajaj Auto:

Mayur Uniq )-

Kaveri )-

PI Inds )- Eicher:

This is my first comment ever since I started investing 5 years back…

While stocks selection are good and some of them matches with my portfolio too. I would suggest to add some riskier stock(very selectively) and I believe the right time has come to accumulate slowly.

While I am in product software since 8 years but I do not like most service based software companies in India because they lack innovation and run on the mercy of outsourcing business from US and dollar-rupee currency favor which according to me is cheap way of realizing profit.

If possible try to research stocks of future and add them gradually. e.g. one idea could be finding stock related to “internet of everything” concept.

hi Deepak,

Thanks for sharing your reasoning esp. the human angle to the bata and eicher picks :slight_smile:

all the best,


Well… Eicher motors has a great advantage at their hands… “The Pricing Power” Every year or rather every six months they increase their price. My cousin bought a bullet for around 80K… The same bullet today is priced at about 120K. Now this is pricing power… When other bike companies are fighting a price war… RE is paving a fresh road for itself. Just Thumping to Glory.

I have lightened my positions in TCS, PVR, Tech Mahindra, Godrej Consumer and moved some moneys into HDFC, L&T etc. Now in good amount of cash. Wish to enter into M&M, strengthen Bajaj Auto, M&M financial etc slowly. Bought some Kaveri and Ajanta Pharma.