Dividend (Praj industries)


I am holding 1320 shares of Praj industries, who has declared a dividend of Rs.1.62/share.But I have not received that yet.

Can you please guide me on what to do?


Did you get an email declaring the dividend? That will have a date of remittance. It will also have the account details to which the dividend got remitted. Suggest you to check that.


Attached is the screenshot of the mail that I’ve received…

Please guide me

it normally takes inside 30 days to get to your account , there is nothing to be worried about

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30 days from which date ?

record date so should be there in your account by september 3rd , if its coming via cheque it might take more time

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It seems that this mail is send by India infoline as a broker or a depositary, is not from the RTA of the company for more clarification on actual date of remittance an communication from RTA will give more clarity.

How to get in touch with the RTA ?

I got mine on 21Aug direct credit to bank.

Actually I have got Praj into 2 separate demat accounts. One with zerodha(295 shares only), and that I have received that dividend directly credited into bank.

The second one is IIFL (1320 shares) and that I have not yet received.

Since I am holding more shares in IIFL than in zerodha, am I going to receive a cheque instead of direct bank credit? Is there any such rule?

If you bank account is linked to IIFL demat, you should get direct credit in bank. Is it possible IIFL is holding your shares in their pooled account?

I don’t know…what if they are doing that?

Log in to CDSL or NSDL and check your balance. If your balance is incorrect, you need to raise concern.
You can reach out to the investor relations to confirm if dividend was paid to you.