Disruption due to Reliance Jio 4G

Finally the 4G launch happened for Reliance Jio with the lowest rates in India and possibly worldwide although the SIM cards were available from last few months in the market.I have opened this thread to discuss what can be the possible disruptions due to the zero voice rental plan and 4G with cheaper rates on the telecom players and overall in the Industry.

  1. Telecom players will need to slash the rates drastically to compete the free voice calls it will heavily affect the revenue and margins of other telecom giants
  2. As Reliance Jio will provide the hotpspots at public places, it will eat up business of System integrator and networking OEMs like Dlink and Cisco and other players which are not listed right now in Indian Stock exchanges
  3. Rel Jio will provide the Internet in Schools and colleges. This will also eat up revenue of Dlink
  4. There will be many startups/companies which will start providing content for E-learning, Video on Demand which were scaling in limited way because of lack of bandwidth in India

Kindly provide ideas and companies who will get benefited and get disrupted because of this.

Disc: I do not have Investment in RIL and other Telecom companies I would like to know the opportunities arising from this disruption.

  • This will be good for cloud computing players in India. Most of the cloud services requires high internet bandwidth.
  • Digital ad spend will increase with growing internet users

I was reading a recent article in Economic time here, which says -

Assuming 400 minutes of usage and 80% off-net calls for 100 million subscriber target indicated by RJio, annual inteconnect cost to be borne by RJio works out to be Rs. 5,300/-

I wish to understand is this interconnect charge one way, if an airtel subscriber is connect to RJio will airtel pay?

More sale and adoption of cloud based devices such as Chromebooks, nexbit phones, cloud based mobile os etc.

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Particularly we need to find good content like movies. Serials, etc Netflix type providers in the app space.

your ans is like this:

400 x 0.18 (iuc charge) x 0.8 (percentage call on other network) x 12 x 75 mm (user base). thats how you will get expenses of c, 5,300 on iuc charge a year.

i guess from the listed space, content owners like shemaroo can show great potential…

especially looking at their growth in digital segment even without RJIo launch…

i am not aware of other content owners, pls share names if you are aware… thats almost like an old disney play… these guys already own content, reproduction or marginal cost of another copy is 0; so as more people consume content, it goes straight to pnl…

Also, i expect prospective bidding for content by players to get competitive as well…

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Might not be a direct beneficiary , but wouldnt it help digital content providers like MPS?

Disc : Invested

Sector Gainers : Video conf Equipments , IPTV players , All players who leverage virtual assets - Virtual Malls , Virtual shopping players … etc

Sector Losers : Real estate , Airlines ( with virtual office and Video conf ) , Multiplex owners ( on demand movies) , Cable operators & Dish Tv kind of operators , Physical retail etc …

How does Real Estate stand to lose if there is cheaper net?

Any customer of RJIO when calls up other OPCO’s Customer, RJIO has to pay 14 paise charge per call to the terminating call OPCO. This is the interconnect cost RJIO has to pay irrespective of RJIO charges its customers for that call or not.

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Free calls on R JIO are through VoLTE (app that runs on internet like Viber or whatsapp call), for which data charges will not be deducted.

Affordable Data will lead innovation and increased adaption of e-commerce , virtual office etc . Commercial realty will be impacted . So Real estate developers too will be impacted …

Hi @us121

Thanks for reply. My question is lets say an Airtel customer call a RJio customer. Will Airtel has to pay 14 paise to RJio as interconnect charge or not?

Hi @NikhilJain

I think data charge for voice call will be deducted. If such is not the case I will buy a recharge of 149/- for 28 days and keep my call on 24 hours day (theoretically).

Does the network has that kind of capacity?

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An interesting read on how this business model will survive and make money

Check out @NagpalManoj’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/NagpalManoj/status/771568231882436608?s=09

In addition, Extra data will be charged at Rs. 250/gb and not Rs. 50/gb as mentioned in Mukesh Ambani’s speech

How do NagpalManoj know this? What is source of his information? I could not find anything on this line anywhere?

We need to check out his source to be doubly sure.

My 2 cents:

Reliance launching 4G in India is a stepping stone in the nationwide transformation to satiate the hunger for bandwidth. The underlying principle of 4G is to provide a network that can cater to wireless bandwidth speeds of 50-100 mbps as opposed to 10-20 mbps.

The obvious beneficiary would be:

  1. Education: Online tutoring/coaching
  2. Video content providers: Netflix etc
  3. Vendors and solution providers of IOT: Since IOT can also be enabled using LTE (4G) network. (smart homes, smart cities etc)
  4. All enterprises that have the will and skill to move to virtual: As cost of moving to a virtual infrastructure is cheaper. (eg: phone banking, online healthcares, etc)
  5. Video conferencing equipment manufacturers
  6. Online advertising will get a boost.

The negative impact would be on:

  1. Travel companies(especially airways): Corporates would try and leverage technology to cut travel costs
  2. The next generation offices/startups would be virtual to save on the real estate and other logistical costs (however this is sometime away)
  3. Traditional media and entertainment may get impacted, once there is a good way to monetize and secure products over the internet. Eg: consider a movie to be launched on the internet rather than a multiplex in the future, if the owners were assured of healthy revenue generation without the fear of privacy theft of their content.

Few of these changes will be visible soon whereas others may take time.

Please note that maintaining a 4G network as of today is not cheap. So there are costs that Reliance will have to pump in every year to keep its network running. However with the advent of 5G which brings in SDN and NFV, the costs of maintaining the network would go down drastically thus reducing the costs of accessing internet in the future.

As of today, as consumers, lets enjoy the price wars between the telcos to get cheaper access to internet :slight_smile:


According to calculation on this website.

G.729 codec used 0.5 MB data per minute of VoIP call.
which is 20GB data for 24 hours usage for 28 days.

Now a RJio plan of Rs. 149 for 28 days gives 0.3GB of 4G.

How is this even possible that RJio will not charge data for voice call?

Look at the test conducted on 4G network by Android Authority.

Data usage is even more than 0.5 MB for Whatsapp messenger.