Discussion Thread 'Smallcap Hunter' is missing: Poof! Gone

There used to exist a discussion thread titled ‘Smallcap Hunter’. It’s gone missing since yesterday. Can anyone throw some light? What could have happened?
I used to think that one can delete one’s own reply, but is it possible to delete the whole thread by the initiator of the thread?


It’s more likely that the moderators have restricted access. This used to be the link.


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The Case of the Disappearing Thread: The Smallcap Hunter is Gone! :female_detective:

Looks like “The Smallcap Hunter” thread has vanished! :smiling_face_with_tear: It was go-to for smallcap ideas and community chat. Atleast for me

Anyone know what happened or what can be done to revive it? Any new thread suggestions for our smallcap adventures?


You think renaming this Q&A thread with the orignal name, may get this issue the attention and moderator may somehow get to know the point ?

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AJ…did you find anything on this, in case you have flagged this issue ?
is it possible that the person who initiated the thread might have changed it to “private” or deleted it ?
What if you start a new thread on similar line ?

Na, I couldn’t find anything.
Lets continue smallcaps, microcaps discussions here till the Admins guide us otherwise.

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