Disclosure(s); Some Mandatory Norms

If you are a prolific contributor to ValuePickr stock discussions, and have initiated discussions on a stock at any point of time, Disclosures of Holdings are mandatory, at initiation and at every significant increase/decrease in holdings. Anyone starting a new discussion thread will also need to adhere to following disclosure norms:

1). Initiation )- CMP, Disclosure and Recency of Holdings or None

2). Additional Purchases )- CMP, % added (compared to initial purchase)

3). Partial Exit )- CMP, % profit booking

4). Full Exit )- at what price, while exiting or immediately after

Initially, Moderators are responsible to follow-up and ensure compliance. Gradually, it should become second nature to us. And eventually we will be moving to a system where technology will help prompt compliance and its tracking.

This will help ensure complete transparency and build TRUST for the Stock Discussion initiator and for ValuePickr community. Most importantly it should help newbie investors and learners keep on top of developments and hopefully not get trapped!


ValuePickr Forum is visited today both by novices and wannabe stock pickers, as well as verysophisticatedinvestors. Some of us have made the transition from novices, to learners, to stock pickers to now being reasonable capital allocators. To know the difference visit Capital Allocation thread.

Its our dream to create a natural vibrant eco-system of learners, individual investors, industry professionals and Institutional investors in an environment that nurtures value-addition and growth to ourselves individually and collectively for the community.

If you are a visitor or user of ValuePickr Products & Services you areencouraged to read the Terms and Conditions of Service, before you start using the website. Your use of the website implies you have read and accepted ValuePickr.com Terms and Conditions of Service. However as readership increases, we have a greater responsibility to the community. The intense stock-specific in-depth research and discussions that we engage in at ValuePickr may sometimes sweep a novice investor off his feet or overwhelm someone just by the sheer quantum of data/news/events supplied.

Disclosure Norms, while not being sufficient in itself will probably bring in initial level of transparency and accountability. Together with other measures of Accountability that we are planning to bring in, we hope to provide an adequate safety net for small investors. Ultimately the decision and responsibility for an investment decision is the reader’s. One is advised totake professional advise before making any investments on their own.

To nurture a vibrant community ValuePickr does not restrict anyone from starting a thread on a stock of his/her choice. Only Caveat is if you are going to introduce a discussion on a stock, we expect you to do your homework and start the thread with some basic info-set, and 1st level analysis such as growth drivers, a few positives & negatives, immediate triggers if any, and enumerate some RISKS. Nothing very heavy is required, but enough to set the tone for 2nd level of discussions.

Here’s an example of a simple stock idea initiation thread.

Please comment freely and suggest improvement/refinements.

This is a work-in-progress document for ValuePickr community.Appreciate all the help in making this useful and beneficial for the community.

Hi Members,

I think if will be really good to put up new thread to recommend a new stock, but will be great if stock is put up with proper story.

I have seen many people just creating new thread with no story and recommending the stocks.

Regards, Vishal

Hi Vishal,

Will be good if you can point us to the examples where there is no initial story/data supplied by initiator.

Please provide links to the specific thread for prompt action by moderators. We will soon have an Abuse Reporting system that will help nail violations of norms/redressal of the same.