Digital payments.POS machine cos to benefit

On demonetization and digital payments a lot of discussions were there searching listed POS machine manufactures. In the website of BSE listed mobile tele it is said that they manufacture POS machines. Can anybody put some light into this…

Does anyone aware of any other Pos manufacturers ?

TVS Electronics is one of the listed players which makes such machines. But the price has run up a lot post demonetisation…

Off course TVs electronic has gone up.can any body put some light on mobile tele

About Mobile Tele, there may be a short term trading increase in price due to the buzz but the fundamentals are not sound enough. Honeywell too has a POS system but the numbers of that segment are not material in the overall scheme of things. SImilarly, Info Edge has small exposure to POS through Zomato Base for Restaurants. TVS Electronics is one of the few listed pure plays in the POS market. Pine Labs is very interesting but it is not listed…

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BEL is delivering, 200000 machines to govt.

How could you confirm??

I don’t think any of the big banks purchase from tvs or mobile tele. Not sure who are their clients. Any idea who is supplying POS for some sbi ?

Looks like major banks normally import these machines. Related news: Banks plan to add 10 lakh PoS devices by March-end

TVS Electronics gives POS solutions and services apart from other services.