Diageo United spirits deal implication - radico tilaknagar jagatjit

Hope diageo USL deal would bring some sanity to the liqueur market benefitting all players

Any one following the smaller names Radico, tilaknagar and jagatjit?

same thing happened with paper stocks when the ap paper deal took place.

there was a reactive bounce in all paper stocks which fizzled out pretty soon. So i guess this may not be a good way to choose investment stocks. Better go by individual stocks and try to find out their investment worthiness.

Hitesh Bhai this is a game changer deal for the spirits industry

Considering that spirits companies are not that profitable and diageo is paying a huge sum to acquire a stake they would like to change the focus of industry towards profitability

And being the dominant player in the market they would be able to do that unlike AP paper which was a marginal player in a fragmented industry

Mallaya = market share = kingfisher = disaster

Diageo = returns = sanity = profitability



All alcohol names up today. Sri sri tulsian jee recommends radico. http://m.moneycontrol.com/news/stocks-views/sp-tulsians-multibaggers-gabriel-india-radico-khaitan_781176.html