Dhanuka agritech :

I am looking at dhanuka as it seems to doing very well in the past. When i go through their site as well as annual reports ; it seems that possible competitors may be BAYER and PI industries. However their site shows them as partners ? I am confused why companies in same market would try to collaborate with possible competitors who are also in crop protection space.

Appreciate if seniors / any one tracking this space/company could throw some light on how this works. Hope i have not missed something too obvious.

This one has been recommended by microsec as their small/mid cap pick. They do have an excellent track record in finding such nice scripts. Their earlier picks have given 300% gain in 3 yr.



the stock seems too good ratios on screener as well. good profit growth over past few years. I am trying to find out if this can stick in future as well.

The company has partnerships with many major companies like du pont ,fmc, Bayer ,chemtura, PI and seem to make their chemicals. however i am not sure how it works when collabarations have competing local units.