Demergers & Rights Issues - Where to get lists of upcoming demergers

Are there sources or web sites that systematically track upcoming demergers in Indian stocks?

Same question as it relates to Rights Issues.

Thanks in advance

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I am also looking for this. if you or anyone come across this please post it here.

You can set up google alerts for this.

could you explain this with an example.

You can search bse corp actions on potential demergers spinoffs rights etc

Go to Google alerts and set up an alert for “demerger india”, “ipo india” or “merger india”, so on and so forth for whatever alerts you want. I find it the simplest way. I also use shareboss website, which allows you to set up alerts for various actions like demerger, rights issue, dividends etc.

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For Corp action



Thanks much Amit, Manjushree and Bheeshma; appreciate it !

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Only a TELUGU weekly magazine named"is tracking and giving the details regularly.

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Also shows upcoming dividends, bonus issues etc.

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You may find it here =

I have registered for this online webinar scheduled for this weekend, where eminent investor Gaurav Sud is going to share his experience, style and current potential ideas on special situations like buyback, demergers, dividend stripping etc. Seems very interesting opportunity for individual investors to learn from a veteran, sharing link below incase somebody is interested:

Hi , when XYZ Co de-merges its business unit , say ABC and ABC get listed. If we sell ABC do we need to pay Short term Capital Gain tax ,if we bought XYZ 1 year back.

Orient Paper Industries De-merge in the final stage …looks good opportunity …see the url link below for additional info on the same…

No please. It will attract Long term capital gains as per I-tax Act. The date of original shares (which got demerged) shall be considered as the date of acquisition.

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But if holding period is more than 1 year, LTCG on sale of securities is exempted. Whether it is not applicable in this case. If tax is to be paid what will be cost of acquisition in this case.

What I meant was that the relevant transaction would attract LTCG and hence not chargeable to tax.

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Hello ,
Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL) is the holding company for all the financial service businesses of the Aditya Birla Group looks interesting. With complete Financial services like asset management, general insurance ,broking, wealth management, health insurance business etc company looks like good wealth creator if de-merge happens. Formerly known as Aditya Birla Financial Services Limited (ABFSL), this is newly listed company (stock listed on 01-Sep-2017). With possibility of demerge this Company value unlocking may happen.

  • On the + Ve Side this is KUMAR MANGALAM BIRLA Group Company with Very Good Management. Promoter holding is 72.76 %

  • On the _ve side stock is expensive: P/E 57.42 and CMP/ BV 6.02

Let me know if there are any red flags on this Company.

Disclosure: Invested in Aditya Birla Capital.

Its a good growth machine esepcially because of the Wide array of products across business segments. infact ABFL, one of the subsidy is one of the fastest NBFC in india, amanging one of the lowest NPAs due to strong Risk management.

I havent come across any red flag, beside high valuations. Here is the report which could help.20732_pdf.pdf (1.2 MB)
20732_pdf.pdf (1.2 MB)

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12th Jan is the Record date for Orient Paper-Orient electric demerger.

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