Deepak Agrawal Portfolio

Hello Gurus,

I am sharing my current portfolio. Your invaluable comments will be highly grateful:

1.Kajaria Ceramics 3.61%

2). Mayur Uniquoters 15.46%

3). Hawkins Cookers 73.11%

4). Unichem Laboratories Limited 7.82%

Thanks in advance.

How do you avoid the itch to buy other stocks ?

What were your thoughts and thinking process when Hawkins had issues ?

I think 73 % in Hawkins is too much , you can divide it among three consumer based companies or add some pharma or financial company .


This is where the self-discipline comes in to picture. Investing only in the stocks I understand is follow. My mother uses Hawkins and we have Kajaria all over our home. :slight_smile:

In investing patience pays, I did some re-shuffling in the portfolio ( called shortening) to keep the margin of safety at par.

agree. As I explore the investing arena more, I will surely expand my portfolio.

Sincere thanks for your advice.

Awesome portfolio Deepak-jee.

As per me understanding, should give 40-50% of secular (sensex independent) growth in a year or so. Don’t sell any stock just for the heck of diversification. Sell a stock only when these 2 conditions met.

1). Approx same return with lesser risk (post tax calculation)

2). Substantial more gain with similar risk (post tax calculation)

Please truncate the suffix :slight_smile:



Making complete sense. Thanks :slight_smile: