DCB Bank - Steady performer

Quite a good set of results. Hope they can continue it going forward.


in Banks and NBFCs anybody can double the loan book if they want to. But very few can do so while maintaining the asset quality.


Interstingly, when all the banks are making new highs DCB is still lying low. I find it bit surprising as fundamentally and operationally this bank is on a strong footing. Is there some concern which is keeping the investors away ?

DCB bank break a new 52-week high today… Trading at Rs. 144.60/90 levels… up 8.70% in a day.
What has been the key development that is causing this trigger? Any insights?

Marcellus exited the stock in Aug 2022

I can’t think of a better development for a stock too go up :slightly_smiling_face:


Can somebody explain why this bank has low p/b compare to its peer? any management issue?

No management issue, in fact the recently retired MD, Mr. Murali Natarajan ensured that the bank had the highest levels of transparency of operations and financials of the company. It’s just the growth has been quite slow and is still a small bank for quite some time now

I have had bad customer experience with most banks and DCB is no exception. They launched new product - niyo app, may be it’s not that new, but the point is that if you don’t back it up with great customer service, ppl will never do business with you. With all this digitalisation, you cannot replace great customer experience just with an app. The idea of using technology is to make the process of using product simpler and convenient for the customer and not save money by having fewer call centre agents. This is the issue with almost all the banks. Kotak is slightly better than other banks.

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