Data Sets for Equity Investments and Valuation in India

After a lot of searching, I could see that our forum has no thread dedicated to collecting and interpreting broad market data sets. I a firm believer in looking at the numbers many times over during my investment life cycle in a stock. As such, I am naturally a fan of Prof. Aswath Damodaran.

At the beginning of every year, the Professor collects paid data from many sources and puts them together for us in his website. What is the best part? It’s completely free for you to download!

I am including a few important links related to the Indian markets below, If you want to look at the entire universe of 2018 data, click here. Past data is also stored in the website here.

Database for Equity Investments and Valuation in India (2018):

  1. Insider and Institutional Holdings by Industry/Sector
  2. Levered and Unlevered Beta by Industry
  3. Tax Rate by Industry/Sector
  4. Total Beta by Industry/Sector
  5. Cost of Capital by Industry/Sector
  6. Economic/Equity Valued Added by Industry/Sector
  7. Debt Ratio Trade-off Variables by Industry/Sector
  8. Dividends Vs FCFE
  9. Dividend Policy Trade-off Variables by Industry/Sector
  10. Capex, Reinvestment Rates, Depreciation and Sales to Capital Ratios (Emerging Markets)
  11. OPM and NPM by Industry
  12. Working Capital Requirements (Emerging Markets)
  13. Return on Equity by Industry
  14. PE, PEG and Expected EPS Growth by Industry
  15. Price/Value to Book Ratios + RoE by Industry
  16. Price/Value to Sales Ratios + Margins by Industry
  17. Value/EBIT and Value/EBITDA Multiples by Industry
  18. Option Pricing Models (Emerging Markets)

The Professor’s definition of the technical terms are summarized on his website too. Mr. Damodaran also provides a summary of how he interprets these data in his YouTube Channel and Blog:

This thread should ideally be limited to data warehousing and interpretation of Indian broad market data. This first post should be updated with new links every year. Until we get a better source of these data, I think it is best to stick to Prof. Aswath Damodaran’s website as the only source.


Thanks Dinesh. This is very useful.

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i was going through the data and found it to be shocking in some places. For example the PE ratios of many industries have been shown pretty high. Hence the authenticity of the data seems questionable. even if we see the roe that has been shown high for some industries. Eg. Shoe industry the ROE is shown to be 34% . But thats not possible since the best companies of the industry like Bata, Relaxo, Mirza have ROE in the range of 20 -25 %.

The data is acquired by the professor from private data collection agencies (Think something like Bloomberg). But I get your point. Unless we find a more reliable source with the same kind of data, it’s best to stick with this, but be a little conservative when considering them for actual calculations.