Data Holes!

Despite our best efforts in ensuring the accuracy of the data, its possible that you encounter errors in Data. The errors could be related to splits, bonus, rights data not updated, or other such errors.

We are aware that much of the utility of our Stock Screener will rest on the integrity of data that goes into it.Its our commitment to you, that we will accord the highest priority to fixing data errors reported by you.

Please report any data errors encountered by you here.


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FCS software solutions showed up in my cigarbutt screen & on checking i found that market cap is wrong in your database(its 1/10th) making it appear as a deep value stock.

Actual MCap(15/12) : 318 crs whereas your database shows it as 31.84 crs.

Please correct this error.



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FCS Software had a 1:10 stock split recently.

Thanks for pointing this out. We will correct this shortly

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Equity Capital =14.43 Cr, Face Value =1 => no of shares outstanding =14.43; Price close=6 => Market Cap =86.58 Cr

This is what appears in our stock Snapshot, as below

but MoneyControl still shows the Market Cap as 318 Crs. We should check a few other sources.