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Data and Data sources

Hi friends,
I want to start this thread so that people can know where to get data, and what data the sources give. Like there is this website, which has real time data and nice UI to navigate.
Similarly, please contribute your data sources.
I am looking for

  1. Weightage for individual companies in NIFTY since inception
  2. Investor complaints against any company. Shows the type of complaints raised against the company and how they handled the same.
  3. Books which throw light on the inner DNA of the company. Like Tamal Bandhyopadhyay’s book on Bandhan Bank, HDFC Bank, Sudhir Sitapati CEO factory. If someone can put up a complete list, that would be great.
  4. Many have discussed that a stock has given a CAGR of 20% returns and all. But I want to know, is it lumpsum investment or SIP investment? So, an excel sheet which can plot SIP returns with average yearly prices of stocks, like say HDFC or Asian Paints, HUL, etc. Like someone invests 25,000 per month in HDFC Bank for the last 2 decades, what would be his XIRR? Something like that info. The past performance may not guarantee the future returns, but at least,it can give a sense of the money that has been generated for the patient investors. Then, may be they can do similar investing, instead of investing in an index, wherein you don’t get dividends, and are expected to believe that the dividends are reinvested.
  5. The key blogs that are good and must be read.

These are what has come to my mind. I request the bright minds, to please share their sources so that this thread can be a single point of source to anyone looking for data and sources for investing.


Point 2 - Investor Complaints

You can find the details at This list all complaints with date and type.

Point 4 : SIP XIRR

Security wise price volume data can be extracted from NSE Site..

After that it is simple excel formula of XIRR which can give SIP return data.