Dabull's Portfolio: Requesting Comments and Feedback

Dear Friends, I’m new to this forum and am already extremely impressed by the wisdom I find in the conversations here. I have been investing in the Indian stock market since 2012 . I have done my fair share of mistakes and have lost money in the markets in the past. Now I invest only after a lot of research and I feel I have improved a lot. My overall portfolio is now up by 109% to be precise. I used to have close to 20 stocks in my portfolio for a long time but then I decided to bring it down to around 10. I like investing in small and mid caps because I believe India is poised for a great leap ahead in the coming years and it is these small and mid caps of today that will one day grow to be large caps giving stellar returns on the way up. Out of the stocks I own, V2 Retail has been my most successful pick. It had at one point become 40% of my portfolio. I trimmed it down and deployed the profits into my other holdings. I wanted to share the portfolio with you all and get some thoughts and insights that will help me make my investing journey an enjoyable and a successful one.

My Portfolio with percentage holdings.

Company Name Weight Profit

Asian Granito 8.76%. 98%
Delta Corp. 8.0%. 57%
Apollo Pipes 8.44% 53%
Ramky Infra. 5.77% 30.5%
Tube Investments 2.05% 1.88%
Milkfood 0.27% -5.0%
Avanti Feeds 3.22% 18.5%
Premier Explosives. 2.57% 53%
Multibase. 8.55% 82.7%
Sanwaria Consumer. 21.26% 130.2%
V2 Retail. 26.46% 354.2%
Websol Energy. 4.55% 6.0%