Credit Suisse Consumer Survey - Key takes

Short notes from Credit Suisse Emerging Consumer Survey 2018

Objective of sharing : In a class of 40 students each one has their own stragey to make the notes The teacher is delivering each one the same lecture but if you collect the notes from 40 students the content you get has much more knowledge , that too in simple words, than the original lecture … I reuqest the VP’s to intepret the report in their own ways and to arrive the probable key players for short to mid term , my takes are …

India continues to maintain its number one position on consumer scorecard, marking the fourth consecutive year where India has held this position.


First major Trend is that indian consumers are moving from unbranded to branded products within many segments, and second, increasing market share of premium brands within the branded industry
appearl , jewellary ,Footwear and home improvement products ( tiles , white goods , plywood sanitaryware )

Secondly key trend observed in this year’s survey results for the Indian consumer is the clear shift in household savings from hard assets like gold and property toward financial assets like equities and mutual funds companies that might benefits include asset managers, insurance companies and banks with larger asset management divisions

On the whole to sum up indian consumers likely to shell out extra money on Branded Bear & Spirits, There will be more online finacial transections , People want to spend more money on education and holiday are the sectors where sample survey want to spend their money

One can locate the report at


With my limited understanding i had shortlist a few names (PLEASE MIND tHESE are VERY HIGH P/E stocks )
United spirits ( Proffesionally the product mix has high percentage of better primium sprits but personally this is non eithical business on my list ),Jubliant foods (Low cost pizza ), Hindustan unilever ,Future consumer (However not a great fan Biyani’s ),Titan

Disc: This is not any investment lead or proposal one must do their own tresearch before investing i am not sebi approved analyst and i havn’t held any of the above equities


Thanks for sharing !!!

KRBL, LT Foods (Daawat), Vadilal are excellent candidates for increasing discretionary spending on food.

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