Crashed Gems (2015)

Following are the fundamentally-good/popular stocks with Trailing-EPS showing 10% above growth & crashed around 30-50% from their 52-week-highs. I anticipate that, once NIFTY is back to 9000+ levels, these stocks will restore their 52-week-high or above and can return 100%.

Anil Ltd.
Atul Auto
Wim Plast
Lumax Auto
Mahindra Lifespace
Parnax Labs
Tata Elxsi
Tata Metaliks
Tree House

I am open for difference in opinions.


Cera All time high was 2960 and now it is trading around 2170. That is around 25% less and not 50%. Where did you get the list from?

You are right Gyansr! I manually compiled it. Cera went to 2000 levels making 30% crash. (50% is a rough figure; What I am seeing is 100% growth through trailing-eps gain)

Then you should add symphony to the above list which is growing really well(around 25+% expected sell growth) and has crashed more than 30%.from its recent highs.

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…and perhaps Kaveri, down close to 25% from the top, despite guiding for 25-30% growth.

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Even blue dart has been down by 30% from the high.

ShriRam Transport
VST Industries
Cox and Kings
Ingersol Rand

Bigger falls expected till volatility gets out though

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Thank You for the comments. But, I meant 2 factors:

  • 30-50% Crash
  • 20%+ Trailing EPS growth

The trailing EPS growth would provide more guarantee that the stock can restore to its old 52wh if the market rebounds above 9000 range.

In this view, I am adding following 2 stocks as well:

  1. Kaveri
  2. Symphony

Exactly based on this idea, i want to make an entry in Symphony, Cera.

But, kudos to @jeanpauvla for creating a list of all stocks you have come across.

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Tata Metalliks just made 52 week high today