Crane Infra- Amaravati play in Infra

There is a small company called Crane Infra from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh where the new capital city of AP- Amaravati is being built. The promoter is the son of the uneducated 1st gen entrepreneur Mr. Grandhi Subba Rao.

  • Mr. Grandhi Subba Rao is the founder of the Crane Betel Nut Power Works Limited
  • He pioneered the use of imported “From Fill Seal Machines” for Betel Nut Powder Packing
  • He is a well-known industry veteran with a dedication to maintainaining stringent quality standards?
  • Mr. Subba Rao is currently heading the Crane Group within various industry verticles including manufacturing,
  • IT Development, Pharmaceutical Lab, Finance & Investment and Food Processing.

Crane Infrastructure ltd,
Opp.CBNP Works,
Sampath Nagar Main Road,
Andhra Pradesh,India.

There is very less public info about the projects, investors, etc… It is closely held by family and extended family, I assume it makes projects in Real estate, buildings, roads and plots. Thats is the nature of the business in AP. Please add value and inputs if anyone is from Telnali, Guntur, Vijayawada and nearby

Thanks Suns so can I check what was the main motivation to pick this stock in first place ?