Covid19: What will you suggest to buy/ add in current downturn?

Ok so this could be repetitive, if so my apologies. But I guess I am amongst one of those unfortunates that stepped into the market in the peaks of 16-17, and ended up buying a lot of small cap names that saw huge capital destruction. The markets were risk on then, unlike today. And I am today at roughly 45% loss. On the positive side, my exposure to Indian market was relatively limited and I am now increasing in.
So coming back to my question. You all would be making changes to your portfolios in the current downturn. Sell the loosers, add the performers, increase quality of portfolio, exit debt laden companies at risk of default, etc. ect.
I would appreciate if you can share your own experience on how you are using the current downturn to adapt your portfolios, it would be of help to newcomers like myself. If there are high conviction names, where risk rewards are particularly attractive after the current correction, all the more welcome to share.
Also sharing with you a small piece on crisis investing from a european investment house
If you have similar interesting frameworks please do!
Look forward to hearing from you!

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